1970–71 French Division 1

The 1970/71 season was the 33rd edition of the professional French football Division 1 champion for the third time since 1937 Olympique Marseille.

Were eligible to the clubs who had not completed the preseason worse than on the 15th place, plus a direct promoted from the second division, the two winners from the Relegation Round and three, thanks to the license return of FC Rouen and a subsequent league increase to 20 teams also recorded " substitutes ". Among the latter were two sporty actually descended first division and the table Fourth Division 2, whereas the failed in the second division relegation Third Olympique Avignon was not taken. This apparent injustice took place in the French public quite consent; a major newspaper called Stade's return to the first division at the time as " the return of the most beautiful art piece at the Museum of French football ".

Thus, in this season the following teams played for the title:

  • A club from the far north ( Nachrücker U.S. Valenciennes Anzin )
  • Three, from Paris or Champagne- Ardenne ( Red Star FC, CS Sedan, substitutes Stade Reims )
  • Four from the Northeast (FC Metz, who renamed this season racing Pierrot Strasbourg- Meinau, FC Sochaux, Relegation winner AS Nancy),
  • Five from the West ( Stade Rennes UC, FC Nantes, Angers SCO, AS Angoulême, Bordeaux )
  • Five from the southeast ( defending champions AS Saint -Etienne, Olympique Lyon, Olympique Nîmes, Olympique Marseille, OGC Nice Up )
  • Two from Corsica ( substitutes AC Ajaccio, Bastia relegation winner SEC ).

First match was August 12, 1970, last day of play June 26, 1971 A short " winter break " it was only from the 20th of December.; already on New Year's point games were held again. Nevertheless, this was the hitherto longest season, making the planned time frame is concerned; only interrupted by external circumstances season 1967/68 had attracted just under a week longer.

History, results and tables

It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement.

The season started with an opening match between "Green " and " Yellow " - ie AS Saint- Étienne against FC Nantes - which symbolized the remainder of the season: ASSE quickly led 2-0, but the end result was 2:3. While in the first round came to yet another defeat added, but after 19 matchdays stood beside the defending champion Marseille with a competitor ex aequo at the top, which drew attention to himself especially by his "magic attack tandem " Skoblar / Magnusson. This did not change even up in the spring of 1971 into it - and despite the fact that Marseille's idiosyncratic Chairman Marcel Leclerc had in the winter the success coach Zatelli the sports director " weggelobt " and replaced by Leduc - nothing.

In early May had Saint- Étienne be able to work out a three -point lead for the first time - and immediately thereafter Leclerc announced that he had taken on the upcoming season two key players of the Greens under contract, namely goalkeeper and central defender Carnus Bosquier. While about one broke through the media be transmitted long standing dispute with his colleague Roger Rocher, Saint-Étienne lost his next match against Bordeaux, and Rocher suspended against the express wish of his master trainer Batteux then the two " traitors". As a result, the defending champions suffered more, sometimes, unexpected loss of points, while Marseille his last five games all won, he sat down at the table top, and finally put four points between itself and its competitors. OMs Skoblar scorer with 44 and Saint -Etienne Keïta with 42 hits pulverized the previous league record of Philippe Gondet (36 goals in the 1965/66 season ), representing an unequaled to the 21st century on record.

The " affair Bosquier - Carnus " and the title race covered almost the fact that the course of the season had to offer voltage in Table cellar. By the penultimate day not a single relegated stable before finally Sedan, Valenciennes and Strasbourg had to vacate their place in Division 1 in favor of three illustrious second division riders. With the OSC Lille and AS Monaco returned to the following season two back French ex- champion, and freshman Paris Saint- Germain, the football supporters from the state capital hoped a permanent end to years of " Erstligaabstinenz " after the traditional clubs Racing Club and Stade Français were now represented only in the amateur field.

TV = title holder, A = Intermediate, A = promoted by relegation, K = relegation by relegation, N = nachnominierter non- relegated, N = nachnominierter Movers

Players of the Master

During the season under coaches Mario Zatelli were ( first round, followed by sports director ) and Lucien Leduc ( second round ) following 16 players been used (in brackets: number of point games): Joseph Bonnel (37 ), Didier Couécou (28 ), Christian Delachet (1 ) In Di Caro (2 ), Jean -Paul Escale (35 ), Gilbert Gress (19 ), Jean -Louis Hodoul (38 ), Édouard Kula (35 ), Daniel Leclercq (17 ), Jean -Pierre Lopez ( 38), Charly Loubet ( 32), Roger Magnusson (35 ), Jacques Novi (38 ), Ilija Pantelic ( 2), Josip Skoblar (36) Jules Zvunka (38 )

Marseille's 94 goals were scored by: Skoblar 44, 14 Loubet, Bonnel 12, Couécou 8, Gress 4, Magnusson 2, Di Caro, Kula, Leclercq, Lopez, Novi each 1 There were also five own goals.

Most successful goal scorers

With a total of 1,108 hits in 380 matches, there was an average of 2.9 goals per game.