1970 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1970 was the sixth draft, which was organized by Major League Baseball. In the first place Mike Ivie was selected by the San Diego Padres.


In retrospect, the regular and the second phase of the January Drafts proved more successful than the June Draft. In the first phase of the January Drafts Greg Minton were, among others, Chris Chambliss in the first round by the Cleveland Indians, selected in the third round by the Kansas City Royals and Joel Youngblood in the second round by the Cincinnati Reds. In the second phase, among others, Doug DeCinces in the third round by the Baltimore Orioles, Rick Burleson in the first round by the Boston Red Sox, Bill Madlock in the fifth round by the Washington Senators and Chris Speier in the first round by the San Francisco Giants.

In June Draft, the teams put in their choice special attention to the catcher. So were the first four players gedrafteten three Catcher. However, the most successful drafts in June recorded the Chicago White Sox with the choice of Pitcher Terry Foster in the second round and Rich Gossage in the ninth round of the regular phase and infielder Buckey Bent in the first round of the second phase.


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