1971 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1971 Draft was the seventh, which was hosted by Major League Baseball. In the first place Danny Goodwin was selected by the Chicago White Sox.


The June Draft was one of the most successful ever. In the regular phase of the future MLB All-Stars Jim Rice were in the first round by the Boston Red Sox, George Brett in the second round by the Kansas City Royals, Ron Guidry in the third round by the New York Yankees, Rick Rhoden in the first round by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mike Schmidt in the second round by the Philadelphia Phillies and Keith Hernandez in the 42nd round selected by the St. Louis Cardinals. In the second Phases of the draft Steve Rogers of the Montreal Expos were with Burt Hooton of the Chicago Cubs in the first round, also elected in the first round and Steve Busby of the Kansas City Royals in the second round, three more later All-Stars.

Since he financially could not agree with the White Sox, Danny Goodwin was the first player who was drafted in the first place, but then received no contract. In 1975, but got a second chance. With Archie Manning, Steve Bartkowski and Joe Theismann also three subsequent NFL stars were drafted.


* Has not signed a contract