1972–73 ABA season

The ABA 1972/73 season was the sixth season of the American Basketball Association. The season started on 12 October 1972. At Play operating participated 10 teams. Each team completed 84 games. The four best of each division qualified for the playoffs. On May 12, 1973, the season ended with the ABA Championship. The Indiana Pacers defeated in the finals of the Kentucky Colonels and were for the third time master of the ABA.

  • 4.1 ABA Finals 1973

Season notes

  • Before the season, the Pittsburgh Condors and The Floridians were dissolved by the league and the players dispersed with a draft.
  • The San Diego Conquistadors were the first and only expansion team in the ABA.
  • After a change of ownership, the Memphis Pros Memphis Tams were called now. Now competed in the Eastern Division.
  • The NBA teams won 27 of the 35 friendlies against ABA teams before the season.
  • Mel Daniels and Roger Brown of the Indiana Pacers were the first players who could have 10,000 points.
  • The Virginia Squires presented with 155 points against the Denver Rockets set a record for most points in a game on. But this did not last long, since the league canceled the game and 2-0 for Virginia evaluated as the coach of the Rockets, Alex Hannum, his players at halftime instructed to foul any Squire, who tried to throw.
  • The ABA All-Star Game was held in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 6, 1973.
  • Julius Erving (Virginia) led the league in points. ( 31.9 per game)


  • ABA Most Valuable Player: Billy Cunningham ( Carolina)
  • ABA Rookie of the Year: Brian Taylor (New York)
  • ABA Coach of the Year: Larry Brown ( Carolina)
  • ABA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player: Warren Jabali ( Denver)
  • ABA Executive of the Year: Carl Scheer, Carolina

ABA All- League Team

End figures

W = Wins, L = Losses, PCT = percentage share of victory, P = behind Division leaders

In parentheses are the rankings in the seedings of the respective division playoffs are listed.

Playoffs in 1973

The play-off rounds were played in best- of-seven format.

ABA Finals 1973

  • George McGinnis of the Indiana Pacers was named Most Valuable Player of the ABA Finals.
  • The Indiana Pacers could be the first team of the ABA defend their title.