1975–76 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1975/76 1st League was the 33rd regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. With 46 points, SONP Kladno prevailed. For the team it was their third in total Czechoslovak championship.


As in the previous season the league was played with twelve teams. Since each team fought out against each group opponent one home and away game, the total number of matches per team was 22 games in the main round. Then the first six teams played in round-trip game from the master and the places 6-12 to avoid relegation. Champion was the winner of the Masters round. The-table the relegation round went straight into the respective national championship. Both the master and in the relegation round the points of the main round were taken.

Main Round

Master Round

Top scorer

Best scorer of the league was Milan Nový of Master SONP Kladno, who scored 32 goals in his 32 games of his team.

Champion team of SONP Kladno

Relegation round

1st League qualifier

The winners of the Czech and the Slovak League second group occurred in a best - of-seven series against each other for the promotion to the 1st League for the following season. Here, the Czech representative TJ Gottwaldov prevailed.

  • TJ Gottwaldov - LB Zvolen 4:3 ( 6:0, 4:2, 1:4, 1:3, 5:3, 1:4, 4:2 )