1976–77 Scottish Cup

The Scottish FA Cup was 1976/77 played for 92 times. The most important Scottish football cup competition, which was directed and discharged from the Scottish Football Association, began on December 18, 1976, and ended with the final on May 7, 1977 Hampden Park. As defending champion Rangers started in the competition, which could be traversed in the previous final against Heart of Midlothian. In this year's final of the Scottish Cup was again on the Rangers in the finals this time against Celtic in the Old Firm derby. In total eleventh final derby of the two clubs since their first encounter in the cup final 1893/94 Celtic could converted a penalty from Andy Lynch the game 1-0 for itself decide. In the 1976/77 season Celtic won the league and cup double. Because of the victory in the championship Celtic participated in the European Cup of Champions 1977/78 in part, the Rangers as a loser of the final match in the European Cup Winners' Cup.

First round

Were wearing the encounters between the 18th and 28th December 1976.

2nd round

Were wearing the meetings on 8 January 1977. Repetition Games held between the 16th and 24th January 1977.


Round 3

Were wearing the encounters between January 29, February 7, 1977 communities. Now Games took place between 6 and 8 February 1977 to.


Second round

Were wearing the meetings on 26 and 27 February 1977. Repetition games were held on 2 March 1977.



Were wearing the meetings on 12 March 1977. The replay took place on 15 March 1977.



The encounters were wearing on March 30 and April 8, 1977 at Hampden Park in Glasgow.