1977 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1977 Draft was the 13th, which was organized by Major League Baseball. First of Harold Baines was selected by the Chicago White Sox.


Particularly successful has been the draft for the Montreal Expos, the first and then pitcher Scott Sanderson chose Bill Gullickson in second place in the third round and outfielder Tim Raines in the fifth round. Other interesting draft picks were Infielder Paul Molitor of the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Richard Dotson of the California Angels and catcher Terry Kennedy of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Highlights of the draft include the choice of Danny Ainge from Brigham Young University in the 15th round by the Toronto Blue Jays, who was also drafted by the Boston Celtics, and later led a successful career as a basketball player and coach.


* Has not signed a contract

Other notable players

  • Terry Francona, 2nd round, a total of 38 players; was again selected in MLB Draft 1980
  • Mookie Wilson, 2nd round, a total of 42 players
  • Brian Harper, 4th round, 85th overall player
  • Ozzie Smith, 4th round, a total of 86 players
  • Tim Raines, 5th round, 106th overall player
  • Jesse Barfield 9th round, a total of 233 players
  • Chili Davis, 11th round, a total of 270 players
  • Danny Ainge, 15th round, a total of 389 players
  • Tony Phillips, 16th round, a total of 416 players