1978 FIBA World Championship

The 8th World Basketball Championship was held from 1 to 14 October 1978 in Manila with 14 participating states instead.

  • 5.1 Game for 7th place
  • 5.2 Match for 5th place
  • 5.3 3rd place match
  • 5.4 final


Preliminary round

In the preliminary round of four teams played in three groups against each other. The winner of the match was awarded two points, the loser one point. Stand a game at the end of regulation time draw, so there was extension.

The draw gave the following groups:

  • Canada Canada
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea
  • Senegal Senegal
  • Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Brazil 1968 Brazil
  • People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
  • Italy Italy
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Group A

Group B

Group C

Classification round

After the preliminary round, the third - and fourth-placed each group played in the classification round for places 9 to 14

Results of meetings, which were held in the first round over. Case of a tie in the final table certain direct comparison of the teams on the placement.

Semifinal round

The first and second placed the first round played in the semi-final round of the first eight places. Host country Philippines and the defending champion Soviet Union were directly qualified for the semifinal round.

Results of meetings, which were held in the first round over. The first two of the final table played in the final for the gold medal, the third and viertplatzieren teams played in the 3rd place match for the bronze medal, etc.

Final round

Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place

3rd Place Match


End figures

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