1979–80 Elitserien season

The Elitserien season 1979/80 was the fifth season of the Swedish Elitserien. Swedish Champion was the total tenth time in club history the Brynäs IF, while the Movers HV71 descent directly back to the second division.

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Regular Season


The ten teams in the Elitserien first played in 36 regular season games against each other. While the first four teams for the play- offs qualified, the last placed rose directly from the Division I and the last but one had to compete for the league against the best second division in the Kvalserien. For a win, each team was given two points, a draw there was a point and a defeat.

Final Table

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, D = drawn, L = Loss, OTS = Overtime wins, OTN = Overtime defeat, SOS = Penalty victories, SON = Penalty defeat

Top scorer

Abbreviations: T = Goals, A = Assists P = Points


The semi-final was played in mode " Best-of- Three", the final mode in the " Best-of -Five".

Tournament tree

Top scorer

Abbreviations: T = Goals, A = Assists P = Points

Swedish Champion

Goalkeepers: Lars Eriksson, Göran Henriksson, William Löfqvist

Defenders: Jan Asplund, Anders Bäckström, Göran Grundström Jan Kock, Stig Östling, Gunnar Persson, Tommy Pettersson, Stig Salming, Jan- Erik Silfverberg

Attacker: Björn Åkerblom, Kenneth Andersson, Stefan Canderyd, Anders Carlsson, Anders Dahlin, Lars- Göran Gerdin, Inge Hammarström, Christer Jansson, Stefan Karlsson, Anders Krusell, Stefan Lif, Mats Näslund, Conny Silfverberg

Head Coach:

All- Star team


  • Guldpucken ( best Swedish player) - Mats Näslund, Brynäs IF
  • Junior of the Year - Peter Madach, HV71