1979 Major League Baseball Draft

The MLB Draft 1979 Draft was the 15th, which was organized by Major League Baseball. In the first place Al Chambers was selected by the Seattle Mariners.


The Draft 1979 is mainly characterized in that on average many subsequent professional football players were selected. Active in the National Football League were Dan Marino and John Elway (Kansas City Royals ), Jack Thompson (Seattle Mariners ), Curt Warner (Philadelphia Phillies ), Kevin House (St. Louis Cardinals) and Jay Schroeder ( Toronto Blue Jays ). Conversely, the quarterback Rick Leach of the University of Michigan was selected by the Detroit Tigers, who successfully went on to play in Major League Baseball.

Other notable players who were drafted this year were Tim Wallach of the Montreal Expos, Steve Howe of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlee Hammaker of the Kansas City Royals, Andy Van Slyke of the St. Louis Cardinals, Brett Butler of the Atlanta Braves, Pete O'Brien of the Texas Rangers, Hayes of the Cleveland Indians, Marty Barrett of the Boston Red Sox and Gary Gaetti of the Minnesota Twins.


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