1980–81 in English football

The Football League First Division in 1980/81 was the 82nd season of the Football League First Division as the highest English football league. It began on 16 August 1980 and ended on May 19th 1981 and was the last season in which only two instead of three points were awarded for a win. Aston Villa won with four points spacing before Ipswich Town now its seventh championship. Of the three climbers Birmingham City, Sunderland and Leicester City Leicester just could not get the class and had to re- take the course in the Second Division after only one year. These rose from Norwich City and Crystal Palace. These three teams should be in the following season replaced by the three second division promoted Swansea City, West Ham United and Notts County.

A total of 488 players were used, with Aston Villa with 14 the least and Crystal Palace with 28 mustered the most players in league games. 99 newcomers were offset by 104 footballers who most recently came into play in the 1980/81 season.

Final Table

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In the left column of the home teams are listed.

Top scorers

The champion team of Aston Villa

In the following list, all players were listed who came for Aston Villa in a league game for use during the 1980/81 season. It must be noted that in most cases a minimum number of games will be provided in English football to accept the official champion medal allowed. As regards the specific arrangements prior to the introduction of the Premier League, there is lack of clarity, all the players with an asterisk (*) have been provided which have received no champion medal presumably because of their small contribution. In brackets the number of bets as well as the goals achieved are called.

Des Bremner (42/ 2) | Gordon Cowans (42/ 5) | Eamon Deacy (10/ 0 ) | Allan Evans (39/ 7) | David Geddis * (9/ 4) | Colin Gibson (21/ 0 ) | Ken McNaught (42/ 0 ) | Tony Morley ( 42/10 ) | Dennis Mortimer (42/ 4) | Jimmy Rimmer (42/ 0 ) | Gary Shaw (40/ 18) | Kenny Swain (42/ 0 ) | Gary Williams ( 22/ 0 ) | Peter Withe (36 /20).