1980 World Sportscar Championship season

The World Sportscar Championship 1980 was the 28th edition of the FIA ​​World Sportscar Championship which was created in 1953 advertised for the first time.


The race series consisted of 11 races, beginning with the 24- hour race at Daytona on February 2 and ending with the 6 -hour race at Dijon- Prenois on September 28 this year. In 1980, the World Sports Car Championship (later World Endurance Championship shortly WEC) also known as the World Cup brands. Approved groups were the number 1-5, divided into the divisions to 2000 cm ³ and ³ to 2000 cm. The race time was determined from six to twelve hours (except the 24 hours of Le Mans and Daytona Beach). A drivers' world championship was not held.

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Final score on 2- liter engine

Final score from 2- liter engine