1982–83 European Cup

The European Champions' Cup 1982/83 was the 28th edition of the competition. 33 club teams participated, including 32 national champion of the previous season with Aston Villa, the defending champion. The Greek capital Athens was the Olympic Stadium on 25 May 1983 venue for the final.

The participants played in the pure Cup mode (except for the final) round-trip games for the crown of European club football. In Torgleichstand first counted the greater number of away goals scored; there was also this a tie, the second leg was extended and, if necessary, immediately then discharged a penalty shootout to decide.

Preliminary round

The first leg took place on August 25, the second leg on September 1, 1982 instead.

First round

The first legs took place on 15 (Dundalk vs. Liverpool on the 14th ), the return legs on 29 (Liverpool vs. Dundalk 28 ) September 1982 instead.

2nd round

The first legs were held on November 3, 1982 October 20, the return games.


The first legs took place on 16 March 1983 on the 2nd, the return games.


The first legs took place on 20 April 1983 on the 6th, the return games.


Top scorers