1985–86 Scottish League Cup

The Scottish League Cup was 1985/86 played for the 40th time. The Scottish League Cup began on August 14, 1985 and ended with the final on 27 October 1985. Competition on the clubs in the Scottish Football League and Scottish Premier League participated. If a duel is not decided after 90 minutes plus extension, it came to the penalty shootout. Secured the title for the 3rd time in the club's history the Aberdeen FC in the final against Hibernian.

First round

Were wearing the meetings on 14 and 19 August 1985.

2nd round

Were wearing the meetings on 20 and 21 August 1985.

1Greenock Morton won on penalties. 2Stirling Albion won on penalties.

Round 3

Were wearing the meetings on 27 and 28 August 1985.

1The Glasgow Rangers won on penalties.

Quarter-finals to finals

1Hibernian Edinburgh won on penalties.