1986 Davis Cup

The 1986 Davis Cup was the 75th edition of the competition organized by the ITF for men's national teams in tennis. The discharged between December 26 to 28 final in Melbourne, Australia hosts won 3-2 against Sweden. It was Australia's 26th title, the last won the team in 1983, when it was also able to beat the Swedish team 3-2 in Melbourne.

The teams

World Group

In the World Group play 16 teams that were made up of the 8 best teams of the previous year and the winners of last year's relegation.

  • Denmark Denmark
  • India India
  • Germany Germany BR BR
  • Ecuador Ecuador
  • Italy Italy
  • Australia Australia
  • Spain
  • Soviet Union Soviet Union
  • Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Paraguay Paraguay 1954
  • United States of America
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Mexico Mexico
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
  • New Zealand New Zealand



Team Pat Cash Paul McNamee John Fitzgerald Peter McNamara

Captain Neale Fraser

Date: 26 December to 28 December 1986 Location: Melbourne (Australia) Surface: grass

Result: 3:2

Team Stefan Edberg Mikael Pernfors Anders Järryd Joakim Nyström

Captain Hans Olsson