1989–90 Czechoslovak Extraliga season

The season 1989 /90 1st League was the 47th regular hosting of the highest Hockey Class of Czechoslovakia. In the playoff finals, Sparta Prague CKD sat 3-1 victories against Dukla Trenčín through and won the third overall Czechoslovak championship. Zetor Brno rose after a year in the first league again in the second division, while Slovan Bratislava CHZJD, DS Olomouc and Plastika Nitra managed promotion to the first league.

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  • 3.2 topscorer
  • 3.3 champion team of Sparta Prague CKD
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As in the previous season the league was played with twelve teams. The total number of matches per team was 44 games in the main round. Subsequently, the top eight teams qualified for the playoffs and played there the masters from. The two last-place teams played in the relegation round against the four best second division teams.

Main Round


Top scorer

Best scorer of the league was Robert Reichel of CHZ Litvinov, who together scored a total of 49 goals in main round and playoffs.


Tournament schedule

Top scorer

Champion team of Sparta Prague CKD

Goalkeepers: Petr Briza, Ivo Čapek

Defender: Leo Gudas, Jiří Kročák, Jaromír Látal Jan Reindl, Martin Maškarinec, Jiří Vykoukal, Pavel Táborský, Robert Kostka

Forward: Jiri Dolezal senior, Martin Hošták, Vladimír Petrovka, Evžen Musil, Jaromír Kverka Jan Tlačil, Richard Žemlička, Pavel Gross, Luboš Pázler, Pavel Geffert, Jiří Hlinka, Milan Černý, Martin Rousek Ladislav Svoboda

Coaching staff: Josef Berger and Horešovský

Awards and Trophies player

  • Top scorer: Robert Reichel ( CHZ Litvinov )
  • Best scorer: Robert Reichel ( CHZ Litvinov )
  • Best template encoder: Otto Haščák ( Dukla Trenčín ), Petr Rosol ( CHZ Litvinov )
  • Point Best Defender: Milan Jančuška ( VSZ Kosice )
  • Best Goalkeeper: Dominik Hasek ( Dukla Jihlava )
  • Best Rookie: Jiří Vykoukal (Sparta Prague)
  • Best of the play-offs: Petr Briza (Sparta Prague)
  • Fair Play: Roman Horak ( Dukla Trenčín )
  • Best coach: Július Šupler ( Dukla Trenčín )
  • Best Referee: Anton Danko

League qualification for the first

The two best team in the split second game class, the Czech and Slovak ČNHL 1 1 SNHL occurred in the qualifiers against the two last placed the first league. Each team played against each other in return game. The top four teams were allowed to compete in the next season in the first league, as this was increased to 14 teams. Here, the Czech representative Tesla Pardubice and Olomouc DS, as well as the Slovak representatives Slovan Bratislava CHZJD and Plastika Nitra sat by while Zetor Brno descent into 1 ČNHL.