1990 NHL Entry Draft

The NHL Entry Draft in 1990, the annual talent contraction of the National Hockey League, was held on 16 June 1990 Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada in the Province of British Columbia instead.

A total of 252 players were taken in twelve rounds. The Draft is generally regarded as one of the Drafts in the great talents were available and we adopted two thirds of the representatives elected in the first round player permanently in the NHL foot. Probably the best player in the draft, the Czechoslovak forward Jaromir Jagr, was elected as the fifth overall. With Martin Brodeur and Keith Tkachuk, the New Jersey Devils and Winnipeg Jets selected even at the end of the first lap later stars. Only in later rounds, some players were drawn from the Eastern Bloc, including Sergei Zubov to 85th position and Peter Bondra than 156

Draft result