1990 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

The Games of the 14th Youth A World Championship in 1990 found in the period from 26 December 1989 to 4 January 1990 in Finland. The B group was in Bad Tölz and Geretsried, Germany played out, and the C- group in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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  • 2.2 Ascent and Descent
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A World Championship

The World Cup took place in Finland. Junior World Champion Team Canada was. The team from Poland dismounted and was replaced by newly promoted Switzerland.


Approved players were under 20 years old (U -20). It was attended by eight teams that competed in a common group once each for each group opponents. World Champion was the group winner. The last rose from the B World Cup.

Games and Final Table

Best Scorer

Note: GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points, / - = Plus / Minus, PIM = penalty minutes; Fat: Turnierbestwert

Title, ascent and descent


B World Cup

Games and Final Table

Ascent and Descent

Top scorer

C World Cup

Games and Final Table

And losers


Player Trophies