1991–92 French Division 2

The 1991/92 season was the 53rd staging of the French football Division 2 It was since 1970 an open championship with professionals and amateurs. Second division champions were the Girondins Bordeaux.

Were eligible to the 27 clubs who were relegated after the previous season, either in the first division on - even in the third league (National) or lower; to three Erstligaabsteiger and six climbers came from the National. These 36 participants played in two scheduled primarily on a regional basis groups (one with teams from the north and west, as well as with teams from the South and East). Thus, in this season the following teams played for the championship of Division 2: relegated Movers

  • Group A: USL Dunkerque, U.S. Valenciennes Anzin, intermediate SC Amiens, Beauvais, AS Red Star FC Rouen, intermediate CS Sedan, CS Louhans - Cuiseaux, intermediate Racing Ancenis, U.S. Orléans, Bourges FC, ​​Stade Laval, Le Mans UC, EA Guingamp, SCO Angers, Tours FC, FC relegated Brest Armorica, La Roche VF
  • Group B: Olympique Saint -Quentin, SAS Epinal, Racing Strasbourg, Mulhouse FC, ​​FC Gueugnon, team FC Grenoble, Annecy FC, ​​newly promoted LB Châteauroux, Stade Rodez, AS Saint -Seurin, relegated Bordeaux, Perpignan promoted FC, Olympique Alès, FC Istres Ville Nouvelle, FC Martigues, relegated OGC Nice, SC Bastia, Ajaccio Gazelec FCO

Direct ascent were entitled to only the teams first. Then there was a relegation between the lowest ranked first division, the descent directly, and the best, not directly climb legitimate second division.

Course of the season and tables

Each team wore against each group opponent a back and a leg off, even before a home crowd and once away. It was the two- point rule; case of a tie, the goal difference was the decisive factor for the placement. In France, the number of plus points is called when specifying the point ratio exclusively; Again, this is done in Germany in the days of the 2- point rule usual notation.

The three financial reasons before the season in the second division forcibly displaced clubs overcame this situation very differently: Bordeaux returned promptly in the top flight back, while the newly established after the liquidation also OGC Nice in the Table group occupied a central place. Brest, however, denied a few games, then went bankrupt and was not allowed to participate in the game mode; already played games were canceled. Of the six non- league climbers is placed half in the middle of their respective game season, and with Grenoble met the immediate re descent only one of these " newcomers ". Overall, the attractiveness of Division 2, the skill level and the financial strength of most of their clubs at a low level remained constant, so that a league reorganization was under way for the next season of pages of the Association in the course of this season.

In the 578 encounters 1,286 goals were scored; which corresponds to an average of just over 2.2 goals per game. Successful scorers were in group A Jean -Pierre Orts, Rouen with 22 and in group B Didier Monczuk (Strasbourg) with 21 goals; the league top scorer thus won local. For the following season came with Stade Rennes, AS Cannes AS Nancy and three relegated from Division 1 added; from the third- highest division increased to five teams, namely OFC Charleville, U.S. Créteil, FC Lorient, Chamois Niort and ASOA Valence.

(A) = relegated from Division 1; (N) = climbers from the National

Determination of the master and rise Relegation

The two group winners met each other in return game to determine this year's champion of Division 2. This Bordeaux won their home match 4-0 and also in Valenciennes 3-2, so that the constraint relegated the previous year was able to secure the second division championship.

The runners-up and third - fought in a two-stage elimination to see who of them against the Premiership 18th Stade Rennes FC was allowed to play for another promotion place in the top flight. First, the two runners met in a single game each to the third party of the other group; this is translated Strasbourg against Le Mans and Angers 3-1 against Istres 1-0 after extra time and met by then - now back in return game - each other. The counterparty played in Angers 1:1 and 0:0 in Strasbourg; after the away goals rule, the Alsatians were qualified with it. Then Strasbourg played in Brittany 0-0, won the second leg 4-1 and thus rose to the third Zweitdivisionär.