1992 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 60th 24 -hour Le Mans race, the Grand Prix d' Endurance les 60e 24 Heures du Mans, was held from June 20 to 21 held in 1992 at the Circuit des 24 Heures.

The race

The 24 -hour race in 1992 fell into the end of the Group C era. The race for the World Sportscar Championship this year were characterized by vanishingly small starter fields. In less than a month before Le Mans extended 500 km race at Silverstone were only eleven race cars on the grid. In Le Mans on Saturday afternoon, 28 cars entered the race. It was the smallest field since 1932, when only 26 starters recordings the race. Nevertheless, there was great interest in the event; especially so because experts and viewers wanted to know whether the almost as fast as Formula 1 racing cars moving group C prototype in its final stages of development and with its 3.5-liter V10 engines, the 24 - hour distance would hold.

The favorite to win was the works team of Peugeot. The French arrived with three 905 Evo1B to Le Mans. In the previous year, both works cars had failed early in 1992 should now follow the victory. Hazards were the prototypes of the three teams Derek Warwick / Yannick Dalmas / Mark Blundell ( number 1 ), Mauro Baldi / Philippe Alliot / Jean -Pierre Jabouille (car number 2 ) and Karl Wendlinger / Eric van de Poele / Alain Ferté.

Competition grew the French from Japan by Toyota and Mazda. Toyota brought three of the fast TS010 to the Sarthe. The cockpits were awarded to Masanori Sekiya, Pierre- Henri Raphanel, Kenny Acheson, Jan Lammers, Andy Wallace, Teo Fabi, Geoff Lees, David Brabham and Ukyo Katayama. Mazda introduced with the MXR -01 and a new prototype to France. For the first time since the 1960s, was the former Formula 1 racing car constructor BRM again with a sports car at Le Mans. 1965 delivered to the chassis for the Rover gas turbine car. For the race, the team received a special permit. Neither Harri Toivonen nor Richard Jones could reach the prescribed number of rounds in training, there was constant transmission problems on the P351, so that only Wayne Taylor was authorized to start. In the race, then already ended after 20 laps with a total breakdown in the transmission.

In training Pilippe Alliot posted the fastest training time and started from pole position. From the start, but took over the factory Mazda with Johnny Herbert at the wheel of the lead. Even after the first driver change - Volker Weidler took over the cockpit of Herbert - remained the Mazda in the lead. In the 24th round, it was the first and only leadership change in this race. The Peugeot the # 1 went to the top of the race and was this not let up until the checkered flag. Collided Shortly before 18 clock Alain Ferté in the Peugeot and Geoff Lees in the Toyota duel for fourth place at the end of the Ligne Droite of the Mulsanne. Both cars were badly damaged but managed to return to the pits. However, both cars retired from the course of the race. Although it rained incessantly and strong since the launch was the failure rate in the first 12 hours of racing with two small sports car. The Peugeot with the number lost his chance to win by several spin by Philippe Alliot during the race. By made ​​necessary repairs to the pits, the team lost several rounds and reached the conclusion Rank Three.

At the end of Warwick, Dalmas and Blundell won by a margin of six laps on the Toyota Sekiya, Raphanel and Acheson.


Pilot after Nations

Final ranking

Disqualified one engine failure 2 for underweight in training

Only in the message list

Here are the teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the competition, but it did not participate for various reasons.

Class winner

Race data

  • Reported: 50
  • Started: 28
  • Weather during the race weekend: rain
  • Distance: 13.600 km
  • Honorary starter of the race: Prince Albert of Monaco
  • Distance of the winning team: 4787.200 km
  • Winners section:
  • Pole Position: Philippe Alliot - Peugeot 906 Evo 1B ( # 2) - 3.21.200 = 243.329 km / h
  • Fastest race lap: Jan Lammers - Toyota TS010 (# 8) - 3.32.295 = 230.622 km / h
  • Race series: 3rd Round of the World Sportscar Championship