1994 French Open

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The 93rd French Open took place June 5, 1994 by May 23.

Defending champion Sergi Bruguera in the individual were in the men's and Steffi Graf in the women. In the men's doubles were Luke and Murphy Jensen, in women's doubles Natallja Swerawa and Gigi Fernández, the defending champion. Yevgeniya Manjukowa and Andrei Olchowski were the defending champions in the mixed doubles.

In the men's singles Sergi Bruguera could successfully defend his title. The women's singles Arantxa Sanchez Vicario won. In the men's doubles and Byron Black Jonathan Stark won. In the women's doubles Natallja Swerawa and Gigi Fernández defended their title. The title in mixed doubles won Kristie Boogert and Menno Oosting.

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Men's Singles

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Women's Singles

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Men's doubles

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Women Doubles

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