1997 French Open

The 96th French Open 1997 took place from May 26 to June 8, 1997 in Paris, France.

It took in the main round of 128 men and women at the individual competitions.

Defender of the single were Yevgeny Kafelnikov in the men's and Steffi Graf in the women. In the men's doubles were also Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Daniel Vacek, in women's doubles Lindsay Davenport and Mary Joe Fernandez, the defending champion. Patricia Tarabini and Javier Frana was the defending champion in mixed doubles.

In the men's singles of the unseeded Gustavo Kuerten won his first Grand Slam title. In the women's singles Iva Majoli won against Martina Hingis, and added this so the only loss at a Grand Slam tournament of this year. In the men's doubles Kafelnikov and Vacek defended her title in the women's doubles conquered Gigi Fernández and Natallja Swerawa lost their 1996 title back. In mixed Rika Hiraki and Mahesh Bhupathi won.

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Men's Singles

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Women's Singles

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Men's doubles

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Women Doubles

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