1997 Tournament of the Americas

The Torneo de las Américas 1997 ( english The 1997 Tournament of the Americas ) is the eighth edition of the Basketball America Championship and was held from 21 to 31 August 1997 in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo instead. The tournament was about to qualify for the FIBA World Championship in 1998. Afterwards the tournament was added to the series of America Championships and counted as a continental championship for national representative teams of men of the Continental Association FIBA Americas. Of the ten participating teams, the placed among the top four teams qualified directly for the World Championships. Since the United States had already qualified as Olympic champion and world title defense for the world championships, had yet another team the opportunity to qualify, provided that the United States was placed in the top four teams in the second round. In this case, the match for 5th place decided the last spot for the World Cup.

  • 3.1 Group A
  • 3.2 Group B


Regional qualification according to the sub-zones of the Continental Association. In addition to the two national teams of the North American sub-zone, the four semi-finalists of the Central and South American Championships, which also hosts Uruguay was the winner of the Basketball World Grand Prix 1997.

North America

  • Canada Canada
  • United States United States

Central America & the Caribbean

  • Cuba Cuba (winner CentroBasket 1997)
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico ( Centro Basket Finalist 1997)
  • Dominican Republic Dominican Republic ( bronze medal CentroBasket 1997)
  • Mexico Mexico ( semifinalist CentroBasket 1997)

South America

  • Uruguay Uruguay ( Host & Winner Campeonato Sudamericano 1997)
  • Venezuela Venezuela ( silver medal Campeonato Sudamericano 1997)
  • Argentina Argentina ( Bronze Campeonato Sudamericano 1997)
  • Brazil Brazil (fourth Campeonato Sudamericano 1997)


At the tournament in a preliminary round was held two groups of five teams as a round-robin tournament. The two lowest-ranked teams in the first round and then eliminated from the tournament, while the other teams playing off taking with their first round results, a second round as a continuation of the round tournament against the top four teams of the other preliminary round group. With the same number of victories and defeats, the direct comparison decided. Then decided Placement matches the first six teams on the final placement. To the fifth place, which would in all probability suffice for the qualification for the World Cup, there was an additional game between the fifth and the sixth-placed team in the second round.

Preliminary round

The preliminary round matches took place between 21 and 25 August 1997.

Group A

Group B

Second round

The matches of the second round, which determined the six participants in the classification matches, took place between the 27th and 30th August 1997. The battered results of the preliminary round are indicated in italics. The four top-ranked teams were qualified directly for the 1998 World Cup.

Placement Round

Pictures of 1997 Tournament of the Americas