1999–2000 FA Cup

The FA Cup 1999/2000 was the 119th edition of the world's oldest football cup tournament; The Football Association Challenge Cup, or FA Cup shortly. The cup competition ended with the final on 20 May 2000 It was the last final of the FA Cup in 1923 inaugurated Wembley Stadium.; it made ​​room for the new stadium. From 2001, therefore, the final was a transitional stage in Cardiff's Millennium discharged. The winner of this discharge was Chelsea.

The defending champion Manchester United took no part in the competition as they competed in the inaugural FIFA Club World Cup 2000 in Brazil. So the Darlington FC took as a lucky loser 's place ManUtd in the third round of a major.



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The FA Cup is played in rounds. Can participate, each team that has a given level of performance and has an adequate pitch. The game is played i.d.R. with only one leg. In draw a second leg takes place. The return game also ends in a draw the game goes into extra time and penalties. This mode goes up to the sixth main round. From the semi-finals, there is only a game, if necessary, with extra time and penalties. Each winner receives a premium from the television money, which is staggered after round.

Main Round

First Main Round

The matches were played between the 29th and 2nd November 1999. The replays were held until 16 November 1999 of 8.

Second Main Round

The matches were played between 19 and 21 November 1999. The replays were held on November 30 of the year.

Third main round

The games were completed until December 13, 1999 on the 10th. Necessary repetition games were scheduled for December 21, 1999 to January 8th 2000.

Fourth Main Round

The games took place on 8 and 11 January 2000. The replays required were held on 18 and 19 January.

Fifth Main Round

The meetings were held until January 31, 2000 on the 29th.

Sixth Main Round

The games were held on 19 and 20 February 2000.


The games were on 2 April (Aston Villa - Bolton ) and April 9 (Chelsea - Newcastle) discharged 2000. As the venue was the Wembley Stadium for both games.