1999–2000 Serie A (ice hockey) season

The 1999/2000 season was the 66th season of the series A1, the highest Italian Hockey League. Champion for the 16th time overall in club history, the HC Bolzano.

  • 3.1 Group A
  • 3.2 Group B
  • 3.3 Group C
  • 4.1 Qualification
  • 4.2 tournament schedule


In the main round each of the 15 teams completed a total of 28 games. The five top-ranked teams in the main round qualified for the group A of the second season phase, the participants all qualified for the playoffs, where the Master was played. The remaining ten teams were divided into groups B and C for the second season phase. The winners of the groups B C unc also qualified for the playoffs, while teams in second place in Group B and C had to compete in the playoff qualifiers against each other. For the other teams, the season was ended prematurely. For one victory after regulation time, each team received three points with a victory after overtime there were two points in a defeat after overtime a point and a defeat after regular time zero points. Each team received a third of their points from the main round as Bonus points for the second season phase.

Main Round


Sp = Matches, W = Wins, D = Draws, L = Defeats

Second Season Stage

Group A

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, D = Draws, L = Defeats

Group B

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, D = Draws, L = Defeats

Group C

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, D = Draws, L = Defeats

  • ( Auronzo received eight penalty minutes )



  • Valpellice HC - HC Como 4-0

Tournament schedule

Champion team

Christian Alderucci - Alex Avancini - Gianluca Baggio - Manuel Bergamo - Armando Chelodi - Giorgio Comploi - Alexander Egger - Philipp Eheim - Samuel Ermantraud - Michael Forer - Davide Giacomin - Günther Hell - Paolo Lasca - Brian Loney - David Mattevi - Martin Mayr - Mario Nobili - Martin Pavlu - Marco Poulsen - Ruggero De Rossi million - Christian Rottensteiner - Roberto Stefani - Christian Timpone - Enrico Turetta - Mikhail Vasilyev - Christian Walcher - Harald Zingerle - Stefan Zisser - Demian Zucal. Coach: Bernd Haake.