1999 NBA draft

The NBA Draft 1999, on 30 June 1999 at the MCI Center in Washington, DC performed. In two rounds the 29 players from NBA teams were selected.

First of Elton Brand was selected by the Chicago Bulls. Duke University, which also could fire came, three more players in the first round of the draft house ( Trajan Langdon, Corey Maggette and William Avery ). This represented a record that should be repeated in 2005 ( University of North Carolina ), 2006 ( University of Cincinnati ) and 2012 ( University of Kentucky ) and ( University of North Carolina). 2010 was a record, set with five players from the University of Kentucky in the first round Draft.

The Draft vintage is regarded as one of the most successful NBA history. Overall, the class has produced nine NBA All-Stars (fire, Francis Davis, Szczerbiak, Hamilton, Marion, Artest, Kirilenko and Ginobili ) and three Best Sixth Man winner ( Odom, Terry and Ginobili ).

Round 1

Round 2

Unhandled player