1999 Pentecost flood

The Whitsun flood was a flood of the century at Pentecost in 1999 in Baden- Württemberg, Bavaria, Vorarlberg and Tyrol.

By the coincidence of large precipitates which were caused by a North West stowed position, with snowmelt occurred in 1999 in the area Isar Amper, bunting, Wertach, Lech, Iller, Vils, Inn and Danube to massive flooding.

On May 22, the low " Quartus " met by the snow melt already existing small flood and caused so with rainfall of up to 180 liters per square meter of the Whitsun flood in the area of Lake Ammersee and the rivers Isar and Amper. But were also affected areas in the Upper Allgäu by flooding the Iller and the Bavarian river basins of the Lech, the Vils, the Wertach and the Isar and the Danube. The outflow of Isar could be significantly reduced by the Sylvensteinspeicher, and so the peak runoff in Bad Tolz did not reach the hundred year flood peak. At the Iller in Sonthofen and Kempten, at the Ammer at Oberammergau and in Weilheim and the Loisach in Garmisch hundred annual summits were significantly exceeded each. In Neu-Ulm, the water along the shooters road ran from the newly opened Atlantis adventure in the city center and was stopped only before the Johannisstraße by a sandbag wall. Sonthofen was cut off on 22 May 1999, when at 12:00 clock the peak was reached from the outside world, as all access roads were flooded. In Augsburg, the overflowing Wertach high damage and caused Lech reached a flow rate of about 1500 m³ / s The Danube reached a new high, which meant that initially the dam was flooded until it softened, the water could no longer withstand and thus finally broke at Neustadt. As a result, much of the 12,000 inhabitants town of Neustadt were flooded. The Danube downstream from the broken dam piece of Kelheim district town was affected by the flood.

The largest amounts of precipitation fell in Bad Hindelang - rear stone and had a return period of more than 250 years.

In many places were exceeded that reached the Whitsun flood level at the mountain floods in Bavaria on 23 and 24 August 2005.

In Vorarlberg were from the Rhine river near some areas and flooded the village of Lake Constance, the Bregenz hardware as well as downtown. Hard was then terminated and no longer in Bregenz was for a long time, the telephone connection of drinking water for a long time.

In the Tyrol the small town Pflach, which is located in Tyrol 's Lech Valley, flooded.