1999 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

The 23 U20 Junior World Championships were held in the 1998/1999 season in the following locations:

A total of 34 teams took part again in this World Youth Championships. The Russian team for the first time world champion ahead of Canada and Slovakia. If one adds, however, the successes of the Soviet Union with one, so it was the tenth title for the Russians, the same subject so with record world junior champion Canada.

  • 2.1 Host Cities
  • 2.2 Preliminary
  • 2.3 Play -downs
  • 2.4 Final Round
  • 2.5 final placement of the B-WC
  • 2.6 and losers
  • 3.1 Host Cities
  • 3.2 Preliminary
  • 3.3 final and classification matches
  • 3.4 final placement of the C- WM
  • 3.5 and losers
  • 4.1 Preliminary
  • 4.2 Final and placement rounds
  • 4.3 final placement of the D- Cup
  • 4.4 and losers

A World Championship


The tournament of the A group was held in the province of Manitoba, Canada, at a total of five venues: Winnipeg, Brandon, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie and Teulon. A total of 170,000 spectators watched the matches of the tournament in the five venues. So that a new attendance record for U20 World Championships was established.

Preliminary round

Relegation round for places 7-10



Match for 5th place


3rd Place Match


Best Scorer

Note: GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points, / - = Plus / Minus, PIM = penalty minutes; Fat: Turnierbestwert

Best Goalkeeper

Note: GP = Games, TOI = Ice Age ( in minutes), SOG = Shots on goal, GA = Goals against, SO = shutouts, Sv = -held shots, Sv % = held shots (in%), fishing quota, GAA = Gegentorschnitt, PIM = penalty minutes; Fat: Turnierbestwert

Final placements

Title, ascent and descent


B World Cup

The tournament of the B group of the World Cup was held in Hungary at two venues - in Székesfehérvár and Dunaújváros. At the end of the tournament was the Ukrainian U20 National tournament- winner and rose to the A - group, while the host Hungary descended in the C group.


Preliminary round

Play -downs

Final round

Final placement of the B-WC

And losers

C World Cup

The C 's World Cup U20 World Juniors was played in Lithuania at two venues: Elektrėnai and Kaunas. The tournament won the Italian U20 team that rose so that in the group B of the World Cup. The Croatian selection finished last and suffered relegation in the D group.


Preliminary round

Finals and placement matches

Final placement of the C- WM

And losers

D World Cup

Preliminary round

Final and placement rounds

Final placement of the D- Cup

And losers