2 Days in Paris

  • Julie Delpy: Marion
  • Adam Goldberg: Jack
  • Daniel Brühl: Luke
  • Marie Pillet: Mother of Marion
  • Albert Delpy: Father of Marion
  • Aleksia Landeau: Rose

2 Days in Paris ( Original title: 2 Days in Paris ) is a French comedy film from 2007 In addition to starring actress Julie Delpy also took over the government and was also responsible for the script, the production, the casting, the editing and the music.. The continued 2 Days New York began on 5 July 2012 in the German cinemas.


The Frenchwoman Marion and her American friend Jack do after a trip to Venice for two days stop in Marion's parents in Paris. What is a reunion with family, friends and ex- lovers for Marion, is for Jack, who does not speak French and anyway is not relaxed hypochondriac, a torture Marion's quirky father never misses an opportunity to test the supposedly little kulturbewanderten Jack and provoke. In addition, Marion's entire family knows the incriminating naked photos, Marion, full-time photographer, once recorded by Jack.

In addition, Jack annoy the numerous ex- affairs of Marion, where they again met in the streets of Paris or at parties. Add to that the uncontrolled impulsiveness Frenchwoman Marion puts on not only racist taxi drivers, but insulted at a restaurant and loudly a nasty ex-husband as a pedophile. When Jack finally obscene SMS found on Marion's cell phone, which lets you send regularly, another ex-lover, the joint trip to Paris finally threatens to become a disaster. Separated pull Marion and Jack through the city to end up still celebrate reconciliation.


Julie Delpy, previously known only as an actress, had already written the script for a further film Paris. Together with Richard Linklater, she wrote the screenplay for Before Sunset, in which she starred alongside Ethan Hawke in the lead role, and was nominated for an Oscar promptly. In five years' work was with 2 Days in Paris her first screenplay, which she also filmed themselves.

Delpy 2 Days in Paris designated as "Friends & Family Project." It occupied all roles with friends and family members, including her parents, Marie Pillet and Albert Delpy, who are also actors. The only exception is the occupation of Daniel Brühl in a small supporting role. Delpy Brühl had met at the Berlinale: "I admire his work for some time and have written to him the role after his commitment to the body."


Epd Film described the film as "an embarrassing wayward [n ] imitation of Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise. " "Without each charm " incentives " Delpy all countries clichés ". That is, " as the entire film, in his unspeakable flatness not funny, but simply unappealing ." For the lexicon of international film 2 Days in Paris, however, was a " [t ] up oak romantic comedy with poignant dialogues, at the same time a scathing social satire about the differences between America and the? Old? Europe "and an" intelligent movie experience as a directorial debut of convincing protagonist. "

For telepolis Rüdiger Search Country wrote: " Deux Jours à Paris as its director: Pretty funny, incredibly fast and also very nice to look at. "


Delpy's film won a prize at the Festival International du film d' Amour in Mons, Belgium, 2007. A few months later was nominated in Paris for the Jameson Audience Award at the award ceremony of the European Film Awards 2007 2 days. Another nomination followed in the awarding of the Independent Spirit Awards 2008 in the category Best First Feature.