2-Furoic acid

  • 2- Fursäure
  • Furoic acid
  • α - Furoinsäure
  • 2- furoic acid
  • 2- furoic acid

Beige powder


128-132 ° C

230-232 ° C

1.8 hPa ( 96 ° C)

3.16 (25 ° C)

  • Slightly soluble in water (37 g · l-1 at 15 ° C )
  • Slightly soluble in ethanol and diethyl ether


100 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, mouse, ip)

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Furan- 2-carboxylic acid is a chemical compound selected from the group of carboxylic acids.

Production and representation

Furan- 2-carboxylic acid can be obtained by oxidation of furfural ( Cannizzaro reaction).

It also occurs as an intermediate in the Brenzung of mucic acid on furan and is formed when frying food. The former has already been noticed by Carl Wilhelm Scheele and Trommsdorf, but not auffassten the product as a separate connection. Only Houtou Labillardierre recognized in 1818 that the furoic acid.


Furan- 2-carboxylic acid is a colorless to beige powder which is slightly soluble in water. Due to the carboxyl group of the furan ring is stabilized, so to nitride the connection, sulfonate, esterify can convert ( to the carboxyl group) and its acid chloride. On heating, the compound decarboxylated to furan.


Furan- 2-carboxylic acid is a metabolite of furfural (2- Furylmethanal ) and be analyzed as biomarkers in the urine. Furan-2- carboxylic acid has bactericidal properties and is used as benzoic acid as a preservative. It is also used in paint manufacture as brighteners. The esters of furan -2 -carboxylic acid have a pleasant fruity odor and can be used as a fragrance.