2 (New York City Subway service)

Line 2 or Seventh Avenue Express is a subway line of the New York City Subway. The sign is tomato in the stations and on the official subway map, since it Through Manhattan IRT Broadway - Seventh Avenue Line used.

The 2 runs 24/7 between the 241th Street in Wakefield, the Bronx and the holding Flatbush Avenue - Brooklyn College in Midwood / Brooklyn. During the day, the two runs in Manhattan as an express ie sees stops at major stops; late at night, she runs as Local.

The route runs through the IRT White Plains Road Line in the Bronx, on the IRT Lenox Avenue Line and the IRT Broadway - Seventh Avenue Line in Manhattan and on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line and the IRT Nostrand Avenue Line in Brooklyn. The 2 is the longest IRT line in the metro network.

At times, operate in the rush hour trains between 241th St and also the New Lots Ave, Brooklyn, as in the HVZ between Franklin Ave and Flatbush Ave already enough trains ( see Figure 5).


The operation of the line is shown in detail here: