2-step garage

Two Step (also 2 Step, UK Garage, Garidge and earlier Two Step Garage) is a style of British electronic music. Two Step funky breakbeats mixed with the aesthetics of garage House and influences of dub.

Also, the typical drum pattern in the drum and bass is called Two Step.


The breakbeats for unusual but typical extreme - House Shuffle Beats is striking. Because, in contrast to other breakbeat styles such as Drum and Bass irregular shift of beats (see syncope) - usually in a typical also for House 4/4-time - immediately gives the dance animated groove of the music. The breakbeats are accompanied by an often very deep, dubby bassline.

Put simply, you can beat pattern of the Two Step and House differ as follows (figures in 1/8 steps ):

Two Step:


The structure of the hi hats is equal


As a precursor of the style applies the fast variant House Speed ​​Garage. Two Step is one next to drum and bass and speed garage to the only truly British style developments of the (electronic) popular music.

The style was very successful, especially in the first years of the 21st century in the UK. The popularity reached Two-Step there mainly through an extensive network of pirate stations who started this style and quickly got acquainted. Most common are the remixes of American and British rhythm and blues artists, such as the rising star of the British rhythm and blues scene Craig David (Remix by Artful Dodger ), who procured the style an extra boost. Other well-known producers include Zed Bias, MJ Cole and Wookie.

In Germany and Europe, Two Step could not be established except for a short hype in 2000 and the emergence of small local scenes. Are the best known representatives of the Gush Collective, a group of producers from Dortmund, Essen and Dusseldorf, which include, inter alia, Herb LF, Yoshino and North Union town in Germany. However, their music in the UK is known as in their homeland. Many of their tracks were there to celebrated club successes.

The successful two-step artists in Germany is the Briton Mike Skinner aka The Streets, who landed in the German single charts in 2004. Mike Skinner has in his home country, however, no real reputation as a two-step musician. He used two-step elements especially on his album Original Pirate Material (2001), stood on the socio- poetic texts in the foreground. For his album A Grand Do not Come for Free, he uses elements of another young British style ( see next section).

Meanwhile, the importance of Two Step as a genre also greatly decreased internationally both in the UK, a lively scene exists any more. The also rooted partly in the garage genre Grime and Dubstep appeared on the scene, especially Dubstep could have received increasing attention in recent years. There was a growing scene, the emancipated itself from the various breakbeat genres and more and more of the garage and a very unique and versatile sound brought forth.

Typical style tracks

  • Artful Dodger feat. Craig David - Re - Rewind
  • MJ Cole - Sincere
  • DJ Luck and MC Neat - A Little Bit of Luck
  • The Streets - Has It Come to This
  • Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me
  • Sticky vs. Ms. Dynamite - Boo
  • Yoshino feat. Tikiman - Make Ya Gwan So
  • Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet like Chocolate
  • Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel
  • Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This
  • BM Dubs - Monkey Lover
  • Slava - Factory
  • Thijs B - This Love
  • Fox Stevenson - Better Now
  • Kicks ' N' Licks - Own The Night ft. Nicole Millar ( Mitis Remix)