2. Basketball Bundesliga

The ProA since its foundation in 2007, the second highest basketball league of gentlemen in Germany. Under the ProA exists a ProB League, which is officially counted as well as hierarchically subordinate to Season 2 Basketball League and is also divided into regional groups North and South since 2010.

Responsible for the operation of gambling in the ProA the AG 2 basketball league, but also jointly founded by the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga BBL Holding GbR has a say. For marketing and management of the League, the AG " operates 2 Basketball League, the Youth League GmbH " ( DJL ), which also performs the same website and homepage of the league. The headquarters of DJL is Hagen in Westphalia, from where also the official Association of German Basketball Federation organizes its activities, which include the provision of referees for this League among others. The Chairman of the DJL is the current president of the DBB, Ingo Weiss.


The ProA took over from the 2007/2008 season so far from the two-track 2 basketball league that was previously divided into regional scales north and south. It was created to professionalize the clubs and to facilitate the transition to the first National Basketball League (BBL ) at Ascension. Originally equipped with a nominal thickness of 16 teams, the number of teams reduced in the 2011/12 season to 15 because after the withdrawal of the UBC Hannover no more substitutes could be found.


From the BBL will feature two teams from the ProA, in return increase the two winners of ProA on in the BBL. From the ProA the two last placed descend into the ProB, in return, will feature two teams from the ProB on in the ProA. Since the season 2011/12, the eight top-ranked teams play-off series to play in the " Best of Five" mode to the two promotion places. The winners of the semi-final series then play as sporty to climb Qualified in return game from the masters of the league.

Framework for licensing in the ProA

  • The clubs require a minimum budget of € 350,000.
  • It must be played in a hall that holds 1,500 spectators.
  • The games have to be performed in halls that have wooden parquet flooring.
  • The 24-second ad must be fitted above the game board.
  • The teams need a VIP room (which is based on BBL- scale).
  • A separate media room for a mandatory press conference after the game must be available.
  • There must always be at least two German players are on the field.

With the "economic qualification" to fill the gap between the Basketball Bundesliga and second division teams are smaller and more professional, so that there are no major changes in a possible ascent.

Teams of ProA


1 In the season 2010/11 on playing the Giro live Ballers Osnabrück were three games less played because of the bankruptcy and the subsequent withdrawal. 2 In the season 2011/12 less and only 15 was started in contrast to previous years, with a team clubs in the season. It lists only the games of the regular season without the playoffs. 3 evasion game sites were not considered.




  • Biggest defeat / victory: BG Karlsruhe 163:44 USC Freiburg ( 119 points difference) on 13 March 2010.

Master of ProA

1 Note: Due to the strict requirements relating inter alia to the hall infrastructure Cuxhaven BasCats the rise of law failed to do so because there is no prospect of a licensing existed. It was awarded by the BBL is a wildcard that could gain the team TBB Trier and 2010, the team of Dusseldorf Baskets 2008. For the same reasons, the Kirchheim Knights applied for 2012, no licensing of the National Basketball League.