2. Bundesliga (women)

The two-track 2 Women's Bundesliga after the Bundesliga 's second highest league in the German women's football. It was reinstalled in 2004 between the then existing Bundesliga and Regional. In two seasons of "North" and "South" play twelve teams.

  • 5.1 relegated from the Bundesliga 2
  • 5.2 promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga
  • 6.1 Season Records
  • 6.2 Eternal Records


After the Bundesliga is out single track since 1997 quickly turned out that the performance gap between the Bundesliga and the regional leagues grew. The relegated from the Bundesliga were superior to the other regional league team usually high house, but failed often in the promotion round. To reduce this gap, the DFB decided to introduce a two-tier Bundesliga 2 on his Bundestag in 2003.

The original plan was to start with two squadrons of twelve teams. The scales should then also be attributed to a thickness of ten teams. Second teams should not be allowed as in the 2nd Bundesliga Men. The regional leagues north and west were four, the Regionalliga Southwest two, the Regionalliga Süd seven and the Northeast Regional allotted five places. Then there were the two relegated from the Bundesliga as well as a representative of the three southern German top leagues.

In the further development of the DFB decided the admission second teams. By club protests was then decided the planned reduction of the squadrons suspend.

After completion of the 2003/04 season, the following teams qualified:

  • From the Bundesliga: FFC Brauweiler Pulheim, 1.FC Saarbrücken
  • From the North Regional: SV Victoria Gersten, Hamburger SV II, Pupils Timmel, MTV Wolfenbüttel
  • From the West Regional: FC Gütersloh 2000, SG Luetgendortmund, SpVgg Oberaußem - Fortuna, SG Wattenscheid 09
  • From the Regional Southwest: FSV Victoria Jägersburg
  • From the Regionalliga Süd: TSV Jahn Calden, 1st FFC Frankfurt II, SV Jungingen, FFC Wacker München, SC Sand, VfL Sindelfingen
  • From the Northeast Regional: FC Erzgebirge Aue, Tennis Borussia Berlin, FF USV Jena, VfB Leipzig, 1 FFC Turbine Potsdam II
  • From the Oberliga Baden -Württemberg: Karlsruher SC

In the West Regional, the TuS Köln rrh had. 1874 athletic qualified. The club waived, however, for financial reasons to participate. The first runners- FCR 2001 Duisburg II renounced also so that the SG Luetgendortmund was taken. The master of the Regionalliga Southwest TuS Niedernkirchen was also athletic qualified. The club has, however, applied only to the Bundesliga, so that a start in the 2nd Bundesliga was not possible. The women's football department of the insolvent VfB Leipzig was converted to 1 FC Locomotive Leipzig.

The first match was held on 5 September 2004. Christina Arend from 1 FC Saarbrücken in a 7-1 victory of their club against FC Erzgebirge Aue scored the first goal of the second league history.


The championship will be played in league play operation with a return round. Both masters Group North and South promoted to the Bundesliga. The two bottom club every season will be relegated to the Regionalliga. The last third of both scales determine in two relegation matches the fifth relegated.

Each club may only participate with a team in the game operation of the 2nd Bundesliga. Dismount the first team of a club in the Bundesliga, so automatically increases its second team from from the 2nd Bundesliga. For example, the first FFC Turbine Potsdam in 2005 / 06 represented with three teams from the Bundesliga to the Regionalliga (3rd Division).

In the season 2005/ 06 Relegation no games were played at the fifth relegation zone. The FSV Frankfurt as the Table of the Bundesliga season 2005/ 06 applied for a license for the 2nd Bundesliga. Two years later the relegation Relegation again accounted for. Although the TuS Niedernkirchen managed athletic in the league, but also applied for a license for the 2008/ 09 season.

Participants 2013/14 season


  • FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin ( Up )
  • Werder Bremen
  • FSV Gütersloh 2009 ( relegated )
  • Herford SV
  • Blue and white Hohen Neuendorf
  • FF USV Jena II
  • FFV Leipzig
  • 1 FC Luebars
  • Magdeburg FFC
  • SV Meppen
  • 1 FFC Turbine Potsdam II
  • VfL Wolfsburg II ( Up )
  • SC 13 Bad Neuenahr ( relegated )
  • VfL Bochum ( climber )
  • TSV Crailsheim
  • 1st FFC Frankfurt II
  • 1 FC Köln
  • FC Bayern Munich II
  • 1 FFC 08 Niedernkirchen
  • 1 FC Saarbrücken
  • SC sand
  • SV 67 Weinberg ( climber )
  • TuS Woerrstadt ( climber )
  • ETSV Würzburg

In January 2014, the SC 13 Bad Neuenahr took the place of the insolvent SC 07 Bad Neuenahr.

Previous champions

2 Potsdam was not entitled to advancement. It increased the FSV Gütersloh 2009.

And losers

Relegated from the Bundesliga 2

  • 2004/ 05: Hamburger SV II and SV Jungingen, 1 FC Locomotive Leipzig, SpVgg Oberaußem - Fortuna
  • 2005/ 06: FSV Victoria Jägersburg, SG Luetgendortmund, VfL Sindelfingen II, MTV Wolfenbüttel
  • 2007/ 08: FFC Brauweiler Pulheim 2000 FFV Neubrandenburg, TuS Niedernkirchen, SC Regensburg, FFC Heike Rheine
  • 2008/ 09: 1.FC Union Berlin, SG Luetgendortmund, SV Dirmingen, FSV Victoria Jägersburg, Mellendorfer TV
  • 2009/10: ASV Hagsfeld, blue and white Hohen Neuendorf, FFC Wacker München, SG Wattenscheid 09, TuS Woerrstadt
  • 2010/11: Tennis Borussia Berlin, Hamburger SV II, Holstein Kiel, first FFC Recklinghausen, SC Sand
  • 2011/12: FCR 2001 Duisburg II, FV Lochgau, Mellendorfer TV, Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • 2012/13: SC 07 Bad Neuenahr II, SV Bardenbach, Holstein Kiel, FFC Oldesloe 2000 1 FFC Recklinghausen

Promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga

  • 2004/ 05: Holstein Kiel, TuS Köln rrh. 1874 FFV Neubrandenburg, TuS Niedernkirchen, VfL Sindelfingen II
  • 2005/ 06: SC 07 Bad Neuenahr II, Herford SV Hamburger SV II, 1st FC Locomotive Leipzig, SC Regensburg
  • 2006/ 07: 1.FC Union Berlin and SV Dirmingen, FCR 2001 Duisburg II, FFC Oldesloe 2000, ASV Hagsfeld
  • 2007/ 08: Blue and white Hohen Neuendorf, FSV Victoria Jägersburg, FV Lochgau, SG Luetgendortmund, Mellendorfer TV
  • 2008/ 09: Werder Bremen, 1st FC Cologne, Magdeburg FFC, FC Bayern Munich II, TuS Woerrstadt
  • 2009/10: BV Cloppenburg, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, 1.FC Luebars, 1st FFC 08 Niedernkirchen, 1st FFC Recklinghausen
  • 2010/11: SC 07 Bad Neuenahr II, FF USV Jena II, Mellendorfer TV, ETSV Würzburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • 2011/12: SV Bardenbach, blue and white Hohen Neuendorf, Holstein Kiel, SC Sand
  • 2012/13: LFC Berlin, VfL Bochum, TuS Woerrstadt, SV 67 Weinberg, VfL Wolfsburg II

League Records

Season Records

  • Most Wins: SC Freiburg (20 )
  • Most Draws: FFC Wacker München (9 )
  • Most Losses: Mellendorfer TV, SpVgg Oberaußem - Fortuna, MTV Wolfenbüttel ( 20 each )
  • Most points scored: SC Freiburg (60 )
  • Most goals scored: FFC Brauweiler Pulheim 2000 ( 95)
  • Most goals conceded: Mellendorfer TV ( 122)
  • Fewest Wins: MTV Wolfenbüttel ( 0)
  • Less Draws: FC Gütersloh 2000 ( 0), SC Freiburg ( 0)
  • Fewest Losses: Herford SV ( 0), Hamburger SV II ( 0)
  • Fewest goals scored: MTV Wolfenbüttel (10 )
  • Fewest goals conceded: TSV Crailsheim ( 8), SC Freiburg ( 8)

Eternal Records

  • Most Wins: Tennis Borussia Berlin ( 73)
  • Most Draws: FFC Wacker München (28 )
  • Most Losses: SV Victoria Gersten ( 52)
  • Most goals scored: 1 FC Saarbrücken (290 )
  • Most goals conceded: Karlsruher SC (216 )
  • Fewest Wins: SpVgg Oberaußem - Fortuna ( 1)
  • Less Draws: SC Freiburg ( 0)
  • Fewest Losses: TSV Crailsheim, VfL Wolfsburg ( 1 each)
  • Fewest goals scored: SC 07 Bad Neuenahr II ( 19)
  • Fewest goals conceded: TSV Crailsheim ( 8), SC Freiburg ( 8)

The attendance record for a second division game dated 6 May 2012. The home game of the FSV Gütersloh 2009 against the Mellendorfer TV in Heidewaldstadion saw 1502 spectators. The 15-0 success of the FSV was also the largest margin of victory of a team. In the same season already had the first FFC Turbine Potsdam won II with 15:1 against the Mellendorfer TV.