20 (number)

The Twenty ( 20) is the natural number between nineteen and twenty-one. She's just.


The German number word twenty ( from Old High German zweinzig ) is a composition of only a two and the suffix - zig, which means " ten ", that is two times ten or two orders.

However, many languages ​​have their own root word for this number, from the Indo-European original word * wi - k'm. Ti - for example, to have the Greek εἴκοσι ( eikosi ), the Latin viginti or the Celtic variants Ugain (Welsh ) and ugent ( Breton ) developed. All of these are references to past use of a Vigesimalsystems, that's probably arose from the fact that you used the ten fingers and the ten toes of the human body for counting. In some European languages ​​, there are still number of words, which go back to this Zwanziger system, as in the Celtic languages ​​, in Danish and French (see French quatre - vingt- seize - Ninety Six - literally " four - twenty Sixteen "). The English expression score is twenty, you count one score, two score, ... ( 20, 40 ... )

Extensive use was the vigesimal system in the advanced civilizations of Central America, there are some Mayan dialects for the number word next hun kal ( " a Twenties" ), the shape hun uinic, literally translated as " man " what the actual counting on fingers and toes of a person reproduces. In the Mayan language, there are also simple words for the powers of 20, so for 400, 8,000 and 160,000.

From the Greek εἴκοσι originates the prefix (s) ikos, vigint and vigesim - off, the place from Latin viginti with the atomic number vigesimus ( the twentieth ) the forms in use foreign words, examples: eicosanoid.

From the English word twenty to the term teenager or teen the term Twen has been formed for people aged 20-29 in the German analogy.


20 is the fourth tetrahedral number. The icosahedron has 20 faces, while the dual icosahedron dodecahedron has 20 vertices.

Culture and Society

  • Love with twenty is an international anthology film of several important film directors from the year 1962.
  • From twenty to thirty of Theodor Fontane
  • Twenty is the name of an album by the American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well as the American blues musician Robert Cray.
  • The Mayan calendar is (like the number system ) mainly on the basis of 20
  • In Japan, 20 is traditionally the age of majority.
  • Société des Vingt (Society of Twenty ) was a French art association in the 19th century