2001 NBA draft

The NBA Draft 2001 was conducted on 28 June 2001 in Minneapolis (Minnesota). In two rounds the 29 players from NBA teams were selected. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves had to renounce their Erstrundenpick because they had broken the salary cap rule.

In the first place Kwame Brown was selected by the Washington Wizards. He was the first high school player ever to be elected in a NBA Draft as a first pick. However, it did not live up to this honor.

The 2001 Draft was " the worst ever Draft" designated by the Washington Times. But there were also good talent among them, the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol, the third overall pick, or the French point guard Tony Parker, the San Antonio Spurs drafteten to 28th. Other examples are Tyson Chandler (2nd pick ), Jason Richardson (5th pick ), Shane Battier (6th Pick), Joe Johnson (10th pick ), Richard Jefferson (13th pick ), Zach Randolph ( 19th pick ) Gerald Wallace (25th pick ), Gilbert Arenas ( 30th pick ), Mehmet Okur (37th pick ) and Bobby Simmons ( 42 Pick).

Round 1

Round 2

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