2003–04 Elitserien season

The Elitserien season 2003/ 04 was the 29th season of the Swedish Elitserien. The preliminary round was played on 24 September 2003 to 26 February 2004 the play-offs began on March 1 and ended with the last final game on April 11. Swedish Champion 2003/ 04 was HV71, while in Kvalserien, a relegation round between the top four teams in the second-rate HockeyAllsvenskan and the two last placed the Elitserien, the MIF Redhawks and Mora IK occupied the first two places. In order for these two clubs played the following season in the top division. The last placed the Elitserien 2003/ 04, Leksand IF, however, rose from the Allsvenskan.

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Regular Season


The twelve teams in the Elitserien first played in 50 regular season games against each other. The clubs were divided during the first round in three regional groups, the teams from the respective " Derby Groups" more games against each other disputed as against teams from the other groups. The first eight teams in the preliminary round were in the play- offs against each other for teams ranked 9 and 10, the season was over, the two last placed athlete had to compete in the Kvalserien.

A victory in the regular season brought a team three points. In Torgleichheit after regular time, extra time has been played in the winning two points, the loser, however, got a point. Stand it after extra draw a penalty shootout was held.

Final Table

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTS = Overtime wins, OTN = Overtme defeats, SOS = Penalty victories, SON = Penalty - Loss, TD = Goal Difference, P = Points

Top scorer

Abbreviations: T = Goals, A = Assists P = Points, Sp = games




The play-offs were held in the mode "best- of-seven ".

Tournament tree




Swedish Champion

Goalkeepers: Boo Ahl, Stefan Liv, Jarmo Myllys

Defender: Johan Halvardsson, Per Gustafsson, Daniel Ljungkvist, Jouni Loponen, Mika Niskanen, Fredrik Olausson, Simon Skoog, Ola Svanberg, Ola Thor Walls

Attacker: Johan Davidsson, Peter Ekelund, David Fredriksson, Jani Hassinen, Stefan Hellkvist, Anders Huusko, Andreas Jämtin, Pasi Määttänen, Sebastian Meijer, Björn Melin, Mattias Remstam, Kalle Sahlstedt, Per- Åge Skrøder, Martin Thörnberg

Head Coach: Pär Marts


  • Guldhjälmen (Most Valuable Player) - Magnus Kahn mountain, Västra Frölunda HC
  • Honkens Trofé ( best goalkeeper ) - Henrik Lundqvist, Västra Frölunda HC
  • Rookie of the Year - Loui Eriksson, Västra Frölunda HC
  • Guldpipa (best referee ) - Thomas Andersson, Gävle