2003–04 Serie B

The Season 2003/ 04 Serie B started on 30 August 2003 and ended on 12 June 2004. The rise in the made-up for next season from 18 to 20 Serie A clubs reached the U.S. Palermo, Cagliari Calcio, FC Messina, the AS Livorno and last year's relegated Atalanta Bergamo. In two relegation matches against the 15th Serie A, AC Perugia, is also still Fiorentina failed to qualify for the top division. In addition to newly promoted U.S. Avellino Calcio Como also rose in the Serie C1 from, Napoli went bankrupt, but could also go into the next season in Serie C1. Pescara Calcio was spared the descent, because the first division Ancona Calcio was forced to declare bankruptcy and was divided into the C2 series.

Scorer Luca Toni from U.S. Palermo with 30 goals this season.

Final Table

S = Wins; D = Draw; N = Losses; GS = Goals Scored; GT = Goals against; Diff = Goal Difference; Pts = Points

Play off

  • Ascent: AC Perugia - Fiorentina (0:1, 1:1)
  • Descent: AS Bari - Venice SSC (1:0, 0:2, was meaningless after the bankruptcy of Napoli )

Top scorers

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