2003 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships

The International Ice Hockey Federation held in 2003 for the 67th World Ice Hockey Championships.

Tournaments at a Glance

The 67th Ice Hockey World Championship for Men 2003 was held at the following locations:

In total, at these World Championships 43 teams participate.

The eighth Ice Hockey Women's World Championship 2003 to be held as follows:

To discharge time of the top division in many parts of China, the life-threatening pneumonia SARS broke out. The World Hockey Association therefore decided to cancel the tournament.

The 27th U20 World Junior Championship was held this year in the following places:

A total of 39 teams took part again in this World Youth Championships.

The fifth U18 World Youth Championship was held this year at the following locations and at the following times:

A total of 42 teams participate in these World Championships.