2004 European Amateur Boxing Championships

The 35th Men's Boxeuropameisterschaften the amateurs were held from February 19 to 29 February 2004 in Pula in Croatia.

In eleven weight classes 292 boxers from 41 countries competed for the title. The tournament in Pula also served the Qualifakation to the Summer Olympics in August in Athens. The 27- year-old Russian Gaidarbek Gaidarbekow was awarded the " Best Fighter Award." Total Russian boxer won nine titles, each a title went to Bulgaria and Germany.


Bulgaria Salim Salimov Bulgaria

Poland Andrzej Rżany Poland

Poland Andrzej Liczik Poland

Georgia Konstantin Kupatadse Georgia

Italy Domenico Valentino Italy

France Willy Blain France

Lithuania 1989 Rolandas Jasevicius Lithuania

Ireland Andy Lee Ireland

Ukraine Andriy Fedtschuk Ukraine

Turkey Ertuğrul Ergezen Turkey

Bulgaria Sergei Rochnow Bulgaria