2004 European Women's Handball Championship

The 6th European Handball Championship of Women was held until December 19, 2004 in Hungary on 9. The title was won the team from Norway, which prevailed in the final against Denmark. Germany won for the fifth place against Ukraine in the game. Austria finished in tenth place.

  • 4.1 Group I
  • 4.2 Group II
  • 5.1 Game for 7th place
  • 5.2 Match for 5th place
  • 5.3 Semi-finals
  • 5.4 3rd place match
  • 5.5 final



The matches of the European Championship were held in four cities:

  • Békéscsaba
  • Debrecen
  • Győr
  • Zalaegerszeg

Preliminary round

The first three of each group reached the main round.

Group A

The games in Group A took place in Debrecen.

Group B

Zalaegerszeg hosted the Games of the group B.

Group C

In Békéscsaba the Group C matches were held.

Group D

The group D played in Győr.

Main Round

The main round matches were held in Győr and Debrecen. Out of the twelve teams from the preliminary round, two groups were formed. In group I played the first three of the groups A and B, in group II, the first three of the groups C and D. The points were taken from the first round that has been made against the other teams who had also reached the main round. Both first and second- placed teams from the groups were advancing to the semifinals. The third of the two groups played from the 5th Place.

Group I

The games in Group I were held in Győr.

Group II

All Games of the Group II took place in Debrecen.

Final round

The games of the final round took place in Budapest.

Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place


3rd Place Match


Full Time