2005–06 Czech Extraliga season

The season 2005/ 06 was the 13th regular hosting of the Czech Extraliga. In the play-off final, the HC Sparta Prague sat against local rivals HC Slavia Prague 4-2 by. In the first league of the Czech Republic HC Slovan Ustecti Lvi won the championship, but failed in the relegation with 4-2 hokejová to Vsetínská.

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In 52 games, all teams play against each other four times each, each team throughout the season 26 home and 26 away games. The teams ranked 1 - 8 directly qualify for the play- offs, which will be played in best-of- seven- mode. In the season 2005 /06 League relegation taking place in the Extraliga for promotion. In return, the master of the first league, which must deny a best- of-seven series against the league last of the Extraliga qualified.

Regular Season



  • Top scorer Petr Ton 24 goals for HC Sparta Prague
  • Topvorlagengeber: Josef Beranek 38 assists for the HC Slavia Prague
  • Top scorer: Jan Marek (HC Sparta Praha) 54 points, 22 goals and 32 assits
  • Toptorhüter Igor Murín (HC Hamé Zlín ): 45 games, Gegentorschnitt of 1.81, five shutouts, catch rate of 94.36 %

Average attendance

The highest average attendance of the league saw the HC Moeller Pardubice.


Tournament tree


The HC Sparta Prague won against rival HC Slavia Prague 4-2 by winning the fourth title in club history. Outstanding players in rows of Sparta goalkeeper Petr Briza, who celebrated a shutout in his last match as a professional. In addition, he showed throughout the play-offs consistently good performance, reaching a Gegentorschnitt 1.56, a catch quota of 95.19 % and a total of three shutouts. Further support of the Master was Jaroslav Hlinka, who scored ten goals and six assists in 17 playoff games.

Champion team of HC Sparta Prague



All- Star team


The team of Vsetínská hokejová sat down with 4-2 against the champions of League 1, the HC Slovan Ustecti Lvi, by and remained so in the Extraliga.