2005–06 Slovak 1. Liga season

The season 2005/ 06 was the 13th regular hosting of the first league, the second Slovakian Hockey League. Master was the HC 05 Banská Bystrica. This renounced rise to the possibility of allowing the HC VTJ Topoľčany participated in the Extra Liga relegation, in which he, however, failed because of the MHC Martin. The HK Levice dismounted in the second league.


In the main round each of the twelve teams completed a total of 44 games. The top eight teams after the main round qualified for the playoffs, their master was allowed to attend the Extra Liga relegation. The-table had to play in the relegation against the champions of League 2. For the other three teams in the season was ended prematurely. For a victory after regulation time, each team received three points with a victory after overtime to give two points for a loss after overtime there was a point. For one defeat after regulation time gave no points.

Main Round


Sp = Matches, W = Wins, OTS = Wins after Overtime, OTN = Losses after Overtime, L = Loss, P = Points



In the relegation to the HK Ružinov 99 Bratislava sat in the best- of-three series 2-0 victories against the HK Levice through and rose to the first league, while the HK Levice descent into second league.

  • HK Levice - HK Ružinov 99 Bratislava 0:2 ( 1:6, 4:7 )