2005–06 Swiss Super League

The 109 Swiss football championship took place in 2005 /06. Swiss champion FC Zurich.

Super League

Season overview

The reigning champions FC Basel sat down early to the top and finished off the sixth round of the Super League continuously the first place. Last but FC Zurich was able to unlock and it came in the final championship round in Basel to the big final match against runner-up First Place. This was the FC Zurich in the 93rd minute with 1:2 decide for themselves and displaced thanks to goal difference points to FC Basel same even from the first place. Zurich was the first league title for 25 years and was realized with the tenth title is also a champion star. Thus, the series of FC Basel ended with 59 home games without defeat. After the game there were riots.

Final Table

European qualifications

  • UEFA Champions League qualifiers: FC Zurich
  • UEFA Cup qualification: FC Basel, BSC Young Boys, FC Sion ( Cup Winner )
  • Intertoto Cup: Grasshopper Club Zurich



Yverdon-Sport FC was relegated to the Challenge League. The FC Lucerne has replaced him.

Top scorers

The champion team of FC Zurich

( Players with at least 5 missions were considered, and in brackets the matches and goals are specified)

Challenge League

The winner of the Challenge League was the FC Lucerne, which rises directly in the Super League. FC Sion, the table Second, denied the Barrage against Neuchatel Xamax. The Sion reüissierten and got into the Super League on.

FC Baden and the Meyrin FC were relegated in the first league.

1st League

For the promotion round to Servette FC Genève, SR Delémont, FC UGS, Étoile Carouge FC, ​​FC Biel -Bienne, Tuggen FC, ​​FC Red Star Zurich and FC Herisau qualified. In the first round the last four clubs dropped out, leaving just West Swiss clubs in the race were.

In the final round the Servettiens defeated in Geneva Derby Urania Genève Sport and Dels Berger defeated the third Geneva participants who Etoile Carouge -.

After Servette was zwangsrelegiert this season back in the first league, they managed in 2006, therefore the re-emergence in the Challenge League. Last year's sporting relegated, the SR Delémont, so managed the re-emergence also.

Up to 2006/ 07: Servette FC Genève and SR Delémont


  • Viewers average SL - 7993
  • FC Basel - 21,806
  • BSC Young Boys - 14,139
  • FC Zurich - 10,000
  • FC St. Gallen - 8589
  • GC Zurich - 6,139
  • FC Thun - 4850
  • FC Aarau - 4656
  • Yverdon- Sport FC - 3475
  • FC Schaffhausen - 3306
  • Neuchâtel Xamax FC - 2967