2006–07 FIBA EuroCup

The FIBA EuroCup 2006/ 07 was the fourth staging of the run by FIBA Europe Euro Challenge and the second under the name EuroCup. The competition started with the group stage on November 7, 2006 and ended on 15 April 2007 with the Final Four in Girona with the victory of the domestic Akasvayu Girona.

  • 4.1 Group I
  • 4.2 Group J
  • 4.3 Group K
  • 4.4 Group L


The tournament began with a group stage of seven groups of four teams each and one group with three teams. The group winners and runners-up played in the second group stage with four groups of four teams. This was followed by the quarter-finals, which was played in a best-of -three series. The semifinals, finals and 3rd place match took place as part of a Final Four tournament.


First group stage

The games of the first group stage took place between November 7 and December 12, 2006.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Second group stage

The matches of the second group stage took place between 9 January and 20 February 2007.

Group I

Group J

Group K

Group L


The quarter-final was played in a best-of -three series. The games were held until 14 March 2007 by the 9th.

Final Four

The Final Four was held from 13th to 15th April 2007 at the Palau Girona in Girona Fontajau instead.