2006 Le Mans Series season

The Le Mans Series 2006 season was the third long-distance championship of ACOs. She was discharged through five races in the period from 9 April 2006 to 24 September 2006. In addition to the four European races a 1000-kilometer race in Turkey was held. The championship won for the second time after 2005 Jean -Christophe Boullion and Emmanuel Collard. The team title went as last year at Pescarolo Sport.

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Changes in 2006


In November 2005 it was announced by the ACO that the series of Le Mans Endurance Series renames Le Mans Series. According ACO President Jean- Claude Plassart, Patrick Peter, and Stéphane Ratel the unwieldy acronym LMES was the main reason for the name change. They also wanted a bridge to the American Le Mans Series, which is known in Europe rather by the acronym ALMS.


Besides minor aerodynamic changes to the rules, the maximum temperature for closed cockpit prototypes at 30 ° C was set in 2006 for the first time. For this purpose, had an air conditioner installed in the vehicles, apply for a decrease and approved by the ACO. The minimum weight of the LMP1 and LMP2 cars has been increased by 25 kg to 925 kg or 725 kg. In the guidelines for refueling and diesel fuel was considered as well.


The race series consisted of five championship races continued. New on the calendar was the race at Donington, but the run at Silverstone had to give way. The originally planned on 24 September Monza race had to be canceled for the season start since the course through a citizens' initiative a noise restriction was imposed. As a replacement event at short notice was the 1000 km race at the Circuito del Jarama be organized.

Rolling stock

In the LMP1 2006, a number of new vehicles were used. In addition to the advancements of Creation, Dome, Lister Storm, Lola and Zytek also complete two new developments were presented. On one side of the Lavaggi LS1, the Jarama was operational against original statements by Giovanni Lavaggi until the end of 2006 and on the other side of Courage. This presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2006 the LC70 officially before. The vehicle was designed so that it could compete in both the LMP1 and LMP2 class with minor modifications. Developed for the LMP2 Radical a new prototype, which was completed at LMS pre-test on the Circuit Paul Ricard.

2006 by Michel Otto built in Italy GT2 version of the Ferrari F430 was used for the first time in the 12 Hours of Sebring. In the Le Mans Series, he replaced all the teams also made ​​of the Ferrari F360 GTC Michlotto.

Teams and Drivers


The work team of the Zytek Group, which was last year pick up the runner-up in the LMP1 class of 2006 stepped up to a more advanced chassis, but had to skip the race in Turkey, since delayed the completion of the vehicle. The team also lacked the Monza replacement event in Jarama to transport his prototype in time to Road Atlanta and the single 4 -hour race of the American Le Mans Series to participate in 2006. Lavaggi sports, also thrown back by problems with the development of its prototype in the schedule could participate in Jarama until the last race of the season. With Xavier Pompidou to team owner Giovanni Lavaggi took an experienced GT drivers in the cockpit of Lavaggi LS1. The Courage Compétition team increased its involvement in the Le Mans Series and sat from the 1000 km race at Spa -Francorchamps another Courage LC70 one. The team has been strengthened among others by the two former Formula 1 driver Shinji Nakano and Jean -Marc Gounon. In addition, the French race car manufacturer sold a further prototype of the newly established customer team Swiss Spirit Racing. This team, led by Serge Saulnier based in Magny -Cours sat, in his first season on a Judd engine and the Swiss pilots Harold Primat and Marcel Fässler. Another newcomer to the Le Mans Series was the British Protran Competition Team, which brought its further development on the basis of Reynard 2KQ from the 1000 - km race in Belgium at the start. The title winner of the Le Mans Endurance Series 2005, Pescarolo Sport, tightened his driver line-up for the race in Germany, England and Spain to the Le Mans winner Éric Hélary and the former World Series by Nissan pilot Didier André.


As the driver of the class winner in 2005 migrated into the LMP1 class, which is now released Lola B05/40 was prepared for the ASM Team Racing for Portugal. During the first use of the three Iberian driver team was still under the naming of the Chamberlain -Synergy, drove Miguel Amaral, Miguel Angel de Casto and Angel Burgueño from the race at the Nürburgring without the involvement of the British owner. Another Lola B05/40 put a team of Binnie Motorsports. The previous engine was replaced by a Zytek ZG348, as the aggregate of Nicholson McLaren in two out of three inserts quit the service prematurely. Team owner and driver William Binnie shared the cockpit, among others, Sam Hancock, the LMP2 champion of the Le Mans Endurance Series 2004. Strongest faction in the LMP2 Courage 2006, with a total of five prototypes of the type C65 on four customer teams. Paul Belmondo Racing, the only team with two cars in the LMP2, had to sell to Pescarolo Sport, one of its two vehicles before the end of the season for financial reasons and after the change of Didier André. Also, G-Force Racing failed to finish in their initial strength the season. The naming took over the German team of Kruse Motorsport, but competed at the 1000 - km race at Donington under its own name .. Juan Barazi, in 2005 at the Petit Le Mans already could control a Courage for Kruse Motorsport, founded in the winter break new team under the name Barazi - Epsilon. The team, led by Michel Leconte was supported by Epsilon Euskadi, the already accumulated experience in the World Series by Renault.

Germany Kruse Motorsport


Of the teams in the Vorjahresaison only two cars remained. On the one hand the only Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello, which was used by the Russian- Czech Convers MenX team. On the other hand Cirtek Motorsport who used now without Convers two Aston Martin DBR9. However, the team moved back after the race at Spa in the Le Mans Series. One of the two vehicles was taken over by Team Modena and by the end of the season, including from former Formula 1 driver David Brabham, down. Another DBR9 was entered by Aston Martin Racing Larbre factory team in the denominator list. While Aston Martin in the preceeding year already drove some stakes in the American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the partner Larbre Competition was active in the FIA ​​GT Championship. In addition to Vincent Vosse the team FIA GT champion Gabriel Gardel and Pedro Lamy, who could enter the GTS title for Larbre in the LMES in 2004 undertook. The only Saleen S7 -R this season came from Team ORECA who took part in the championship from the race at Spa. The two former GT2 teams PSI Experience and Luc Alphand Aventures 2006, the two sat on a Chevrolet Corvette. While the Belgian team employing an optical year-old car from the Chevrolet factory team from the FIA GT Championship, the former World Cup ski champion Luc Alphand drove a Corvette older models.


The withdrawal of the last year's winner Sebah Racing, the two defending changed into different teams. While the team of Marc Lieb author Lando Sports reinforced, Frenchman Xavier Pompidou drove only two races in the GT2 category for James Watt Automotive. Besides started seven other drivers in the UK Porsche team. With the introduction of the newly developed Ferrari F430, the number of Ferraris in GT2 increased by a car. Initially used by three teams, the team Icer Brakes first had to withdraw from the 24 -hour race at Le Mans and then also from the Le Mans Series after the serious accident at the 1000 km of Spa. The vehicle was acquired by GPC Sport and deployed starting in the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring. Team LNT moved to the winter break, his vehicle and walked to the season with two Panoz Esperante GTLM and gave the LMS debut of the American sports car. Since the British team a TVR Tuscan T400R began in the previous year, a vehicle remained only this type in the series.


Race Calendar

Overall winners are highlighted in bold.

1000 km Istanbul

The 1000 - km race in Istanbul took place on April 9 at the Istanbul Park Circuit, and went over a distance of 134 laps á 5.338 kilometers, so a total of 715.292 kilometers. Since the track operator could not provide enough fuel available, the race was stopped after four hours.

Emmanuel Collard lapped the course in qualifying at 1:40,266 and secured Pescarolo Sport 's first pole of the season. Only 7/1000 Nicolas Minassian was slower in the vehicle of Creation Autosportif. Fastest LMP2 with 1:42,336 was Thomas Erdos on the fourth position overall. In the GT1 Vincent Vosse set the fastest qualifying round. With a time of 1:48,180 he lapped the course almost eight seconds faster than Peter Sundberg in the Ferrari F430 of Team Icer Brakes.

In the first round Emmanuel Collard loses the lead to Minassian, but can sit down after 45 minutes briefly returned to the top. After a successful counterattack of Creation Collard can go back in the lead after a faster pit stop. Half an hour later, Nicolas Minassian has its prototype with a gearbox failure in the box off. The strongest tracker is now Michael Vergers, the leader of the LMP2. One hour before the end of the race, the projection is already four rounds, as the plant Courage had to finish the race early with a defective power steering. Despite the large projection Jean-Christophe Boullion Pescarolo moves in on lap 101 1:10,281. This time can be beaten until the end of the race no more. At the finish, the projection is now seven laps before the two remaining LMP1 Lister Storm Racing and Chamberlain Synergy.

At the start there is a collision between Thomas Erdos and Jean -Marc Gounon ending for Lola of RML in the pit wall. Although the vehicle can start the box, but loses in repairing 26 laps on the fastest LMP2. The classroom management takes over Michael Vergers in Courage by Barazi - Epsilon. After João Barbosa falls back in the first hour by a spin, he can until the third hour of the race, as the second fastest LMP2 fight his way to fourth overall. In the hands of Martin Short overtaken the Radical even Garath Evans in an LMP1. However, the vehicle is covered ten minutes before the end of the race with an engine failure. Thus, the Courage C65 of Barazi -Epsilon crossed the finish line in second place overall. This means the class victory in the LMP2 and three laps ahead of the pursuing team of Pierre Bruneau and G-Force Racing.

In the GT1 Pedro Lamy wins the duel start and shows off the Corvette by Jos Menten. Through an early pit stop of the Aston Martin is a car of PSI Experiance takes the lead. In the 30.Runde Jos Menten must to the pits and falls back to third place in the GT1. Both Lamy as well as the Ferrari of Convers MenX team can go by. Approximately one hour later, the Corvette has to be abandoned with a defect in the alternator. The podium takes over the team of Luc Alphand Aventure. By the end of the race the order remains, thus winning Aston Martin team Larbre with Pedro Lamy, Gabriele Gardel and Vincent Vosse the class win the GT1.

Richard Dean leads after the first round of the GT2 class, loses the position but after about 30 minutes Fabrizio de Simon. First, Simon can pull away from the rest of the GT2 field, but then losing ground to the Porsche of the author Lando sports teams. The lead may change several times within the race between these two cars. Six laps from the end accepts Gabrio Rosa GT2 leadership of Marc Lieb and drives the first Ferrari F430 victory in the Le Mans Series. The podium was completed Tomlison Lawrence and Richard Dean for Team LNT.

1000 km of Spa-Francorchamps

The 1000 km of Spa -Francorchamps took place on May 14 and went over a distance of 134 laps á 6.976 kilometers, so a total of 934.784 kilometers.

In the qualification Marcel Fässler lapped the wet course in 2:19,538 and thus presented the Courage LC70 on the pole position, followed by Casper Elgaard in Werkszytek. Thomas Erdos drove with a time of 1:22,435 in fourth place overall and was therefore bestplazierter LMP2. As the fastest GT1 Antonio García qualified. He lapped the course in 2:26,813. Christoph Bouchut secured IMSA Performance pole position in the GT2. With a lap time of 2:30,262 he was more than three seconds faster than any other GT2 participants.

At the start of the peak comes without problems by Radillon, behind Kevin McGarrity over and caused a mass accident in which a total of three more vehicles will be irreparably damaged. The Safety Car is sent onto the track and after half an hour of the race will be re-enabled. Shortly thereafter, Peter Owen leaves the track in the Eau Rouge and bashing into the barriers. The safety car has on track again. Well an hour after the race start the race is released. Marcel Fässler leads, but is already obsolete in the first round by Jean -Marc Gounon. In the third hour of the race Jean -Christophe Boullion takes the lead and expanding this. Shortly before another safety car phase, the projection on the second-place car is one lap. After release of the race overtaken only Fässler, then Casper Elgaard the previously second-placed Miguel Amaral. By the end of the race happened in the top of anything, thus gaining Pescarolo Sport in the second race of the season.

After the two accidents in the initial phase results in the LMP2 Thomas Erdos. However, he must surrender the lead on lap 21, after he has captured a puncture. The classroom management takes the prototype of Chamberlain Motorsport. In the fourth hour of the race Angel Burgueño can drive up to second overall, but loses a round on, driving a bouillon Collard until the next safety car phase in the fifth hour of the race. About 20 minutes before the end of the race, Miguel Amaral turns with his Lola and has to Casper Elgaard go by. However, since the team has one lap advantage over the second-placed LMP2, it still is enough for the first class victory.

In the GT1 is Antonio García, the leader after the two safety car periods, followed by Stéphane Ortelli, who overhauled after 30 minutes Garcia. However, Antonio García can learn in the fourth hour of the race, the class leadership back to them to lose half an hour before the race ended again at the car from Team ORECA. Soheil Ayari, who now sits at the helm of the Saleen S7 -R, extend their lead until the end of the race further and ensures ORECA the first class win in 2006.

After release of the race Tim Sugden leads Ferrari F430 GT2 in, followed by Dominik Farnbacher in the Porsche 996 GT3. The Porsche gets but soon gearbox problems and needs an unscheduled visit the Box. Within an hour Sudgen loses four places, the leadership of the GT2 thus changes to Christophe Bouchut. With the vehicle handover Marc Lieb can take the lead, but its part, must cede the place back to the Ferrari of Virgo Motorsport. An hour before the race ended Lieb brings back the lead again and Sugden must be drawn also from the Panoz Team LNT.

1000 km Nürburgring

The 1000 km from the Nürburgring took place on July 16th and went over a distance of 189 laps á 5.137 kilometers, so a total of 970.893 kilometers.

Nicolas Minassian secured in qualifying for pole position. He lapped the course in 1:44,850, almost 0.7 seconds faster than Emanuel Collard, which completes the front row. Fastest LMP2 is renews Thomas Erdos Lola EX264. He reached a time of 1:46,672 and started the race from seventh place overall. In the GT1 Stéphane Ortelli secured the top spot ahead of Antonio García. The thirteenth row went completely to both Ferrari F430 by GPC Sport, which were the fastest GT2 cars with 2:00,017 and 2:00,088.

In the first round, Shinji Nakano can go for a short time in the lead, is a few laps later, however, overtaken by Collard. Shortly thereafter, the Japanese will be pushed into the garage to make repairs on the vehicle. The carriage of Pescarolo Sport leads, but is slowly overtaken by Jean -Marc Gounon trying after about one and a half hours to go past Collard. The two cars touch each other, but only the Courage loses time. After handing over the leadership of Jean- Christophe Boullion vehicle that can stand apart from his pursuers. Both work Courage must perform unscheduled pit stops to repair the engine. In the fourth hour, Jan Lammers and Alex Yoong can pass on Creation and thus are directly behind the leading EÉric Hélary. A few minutes before the race gets Alex Yoong under pressure from Nicolas Minassian. Two minutes before the end of the race makes Yoong a driver error, Minassian overtook the dome and finished the race in second place.

In the LMP2 Michael Vergers finished the first round as a class -leading, but the drives already in the third round with problems in the box. The guide assumes only the Radical by Stuart Moseley, Thomas Erdos and then after a long pit stop of the class leader João Barbosa. The extend their lead in the LMP2 further and passes to Martin Short. 90 minutes before the end of the race the Radical loses a place in Erdos, who will shortly move it through the gravel. The Lola from ASM team can take the lead. 15 minutes before the end of the race comes at an overtaking maneuver between the leading LMP2 and João Barbosa to a collision. Barbosa needs to get a new hood, while the Lola has to serve a stop-and -go penalty to the box. The pit crew Roll Centre needs more time to change and thus wins the ASM LMP2 class.

Stéphane Ortelli can convert its position in qualifying in a classroom management and quickly builds a distance between itself and the rest of the GT1 field on. After half time the vehicle is suddenly slow and driving lap times on level of GT2. In the last hour of the race of the Saleen is pushed into the garage to make repairs to the engine. The guide assumes Gabriele Gardel. After a puncture Patrice Goueslard falls back to third place, but can a good 50 minutes before the end of the race, overtaking the Ferrari F550 by Peter Kox. Shortly before the end of the leading GT1 comes in the box. Vincent Bosse takes the wheel of the Aston Martins, as not to be disqualified because of falling below the minimum travel time. Despite the unplanned stops Lamy, Gardel and Bosse victory in the GT1.

In the GT2 both vehicles of G.P.C. lead Sports. Marc Lieb may be slow to catch up with the two Ferraris and goes after a collision of Fabrizio de Simone and a Spyker in leadership. After racing half- time lover over his vehicle to Joël Camathias. Shortly after the safety car has on track and the Ferrari of GPC Sports comes to the box box. Through the stop under yellow Marco Cioci leads now almost 90 seconds before Camathias. By the end of the race, there are no changes in the ranking and GPC Sport drives his second class victory in the season.

1000 km Donington

The 1000 - km race at Donington was held on August 16th and went over a distance of 249 laps á 4.023 kilometers, so a total of 1001.727 km.

Jean -Marc Gounon secured with a lap time of 1:20,756 pole position, ahead of Stefan Johansson, Jean -Christophe Boullion and Jamie Campbell -Walter. 200 ms separated while Campbell -Walter of Gounon. Fastest LMP2 was again Thomas Erdos Lola EX264. He lapped the course in 1:21,557 and thus started the race from eighth on the grid. With a lap time of 1:27.390 secured Pedro Lamy, the best finish in the GT1, while Tim Sudgen graduated to starting position 26, the best qualification time in the GT2.

Among the flying start, Nideki Noda may briefly sat in the lead, but overtaken by the pole sitter Gounon again in the first round. Jean -Christophe Boullion travels over the post at the chicane and is therefore a stop-and -go penalty one. He keeps irregular and receives another stop-and -go penalty. In the third hour of the race can Stefan Johansson from the third position take the lead. However Johannson must just before the hour at the top of the field in the box. First, the Zytek can move with a blocking rear wheel immediately, later, the vehicle must be parked with the final clutch problems. Two hours before the race goes Didier André lead and wins for Pescarolo Sport in front of both vehicles from Creation Autosportif.

In the LMP2 Thomas Erdos can keep his classroom management, but has to admit defeat after 30 minutes Sam Hancock. While Erdos shortly thereafter enters a puncture, Hancook loses control of his vehicle and stands for several minutes away from the track. João Barbosa uses the problems and takes the lead. Numerous technical defects, the field of LMP2 is greatly thinned. A few minutes before the race and the car of Martin Short and João Barbosa is pushed into the box. The problems at the starter can not be repaired. To win in the end Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos LMP2.

Stéphane Ortelli can pass in the first round of Pedro Lamy, but is, as Boullion, for failing to stop at the post a stop-and -go penalty one. Before the start of the second hour of the race Ortelli takes the lead again, but the Saleen has to leave later with an engine failure. In leadership, now is the Corvette of Luc Alphand Aventures. Two laps to get Jérôme Policand problems with its brakes and has to Antonio García draw in the last round. So the British team travels on home soil for the first class victory of the season.

In the GT2 initially leads Tim Sugden is now outdated after ten minutes of Andrea Montermini. Before the end of the first hour of the race Robert Bell can take the lead, and held this position until the fifth hour of the race. However, Andrea Montermini can unlock them again and overtook the now -propelled Warren Hughes. About ten minutes later is Montermini, after a collision with the Protran RS06 / H, in the gravel. The Ferrari of G.P.C. Sport loses two rounds on the now again leading Hughes and finished the race behind Marc Lieb in third place in the GT2.

1000 km Jarama

The 1000- km from Jarama found on 24 September at the Circuito del Jarama and went over a distance of 237 laps á 3.850 km, for a total of 912.45 km.

In qualifying, Jean -Christoph Boullion the second secured pole position in the season. He lapped the course in a time of 1:23,242, while in the LMP2 Thomas Erdos fifth Qualifikationsbestzeit import in the fifth race. His lap time was 1:24,473, that he will start the race from the fourth position overall. In the great GT class Stephané Ortelli could, with a lap time of 1:28,736, qualify on the fifteenth starting position. Marc Lieb secured Author Lando Sport the first GT2 pole position of the season. He drove around the course in 1:32,365 and was thus more than 1.5 seconds faster than Fabrizio de Simone.

Emmanuel Collard can at the start of the race, which convert pole position of his team-mates into a guide. Behind him Jean -Marc Gounon, the multi- Collard obsolete until his failure to gearbox problems briefly just before dawn of the third hour of the race. Now the Courage of the Swiss Spirit team the worst persecutor of the French Pescarolo 's sports team. But the courage of Swiss Spirit falls from 4.5 hours after start of the race. So Collard, Andre Boullion and not only win all the races this season, but also to defend their title.

In the LMP2 Thomas Erdos is leading the race, but is overtaken approximately ten minutes after the start of Miguel Angel del Castro. The ASM team can keep the lead until the third hour of the race until João Barbosa overhauled in Radical SR9. Barbosa is the car shortly thereafter to Rob Barff who leaves a few minutes later the track and classroom management thus loses again. Shortly thereafter Barff must park the vehicle finally with a gearbox failure. The guide gives the team won by Miguel Angel de Castro, and Miguel Angel Burgueño Amaral until the end of the race no longer ago. Behind it, in a secure second place, his car of Erdos five minutes before the end of the race a major engine damage. Due to the failure Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos squander the championship in the LMP2.

Jos Menten finished the first round of the GT1 class as the leader, but is obsolete after 20 minutes of Stéphane Ortelli. Ortelli can then extend his lead further. While the position behind the vehicle from the ORECA multiple changes. Ultimately, establishing itself behind Gabriele Gardel. One hour before the end of the race can Antonio García gap to the now third-placed Corvette PSI Experiance. After a fight position over several rounds, Garcia pushes on the third place of the GT1.

In the GT2 leads Marc Lieb followed by Fabrizio de Simone. Between the two vehicles occurs during the first hour to contact and view Simone turns and lose time. Some time later it comes to the safety car period after the accident with the GT2 - pilot Yves Lambert. Shortly before the re- release of the race the car Lando Porsche of Lieb and Joël Camathias overtakes a capital gearbox failure. As a result, Luca Drudi take the lead, followed by Warren Hughes for the team LNT. The Ferrari F430 G.P.C. Sport results in the class of the race until the end, but is disqualified because Fabrizio de Simone has spent more than four hours at the wheel of his vehicle. Then Warren Hughes and Robert Bell appointed to a winner in the GT2.

Total score

Drivers' championship

Points are awarded to the drivers of the first eight vehicles, the respective class. The points are distributed as follows: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. Drivers who are not driving at least an hour will not get any points. If two or more drivers have the same number of championship points, those who are better off, which could achieve the best individual result in the season. Do all drivers achieved the same result, priority is given to the person who can have the highest rankings with the result. Should all drivers have the same number of relevant results, one is rated better, who scored the relevant individual result as the first. Otherwise, all drivers occupy the same placement.


The Drivers' Championship 2006 LMP1 could Emmanuel Collard and Jean -Christophe Boullion decide prematurely when running in England for himself. With five victories in five races, the duo not only won the championship, but covered with seven overall wins also to Allan McNish over, with three overall victories was the most successful pilot in the series so far. Second place went to Didier André, who along with Collard and Boullion collected championship points from the 1000 - km race at Donington.

† - The points for Nicolas Minassian were disconnected because Minassian both both vehicles drove the team. The team decided to incorporate the maximum number of points in the team standings.


The drivers' championship in the LMP2 won Michael Vergers and Juan Barazi only in the last minutes of the 1000 km race at Jarama. With the technical defect in the engine and the associated therewith loss of Mike Newton and Thomas Erdos few minutes before the end of the race, the two drivers of Barazi -Epsilon needed just three points. However, since only five prototypes of this class were at the time in the race, the requirement was reduced to a finish. Although none of the driver's total import more points than Miguel Angel de Castro and Angel Burgueño, the duo finished the season only in the middle. Due to the change in the season of Chamberlain -Synergy team to Joao Basso, the points for runs from the 1000 - km race from the Nuerburgring counted separately.

† - drivers took part with different teams in the championship, the points collected in different teams are not added. ‡ - Driver did not receive any points for the championship race because he was not driving at least an hour in the race.


The championship in the GT1 was open until the last race. Overall still had eight riders the opportunity the season to decide for themselves. The driver pairing Jérôme Policand and Patrice Goueslard fell at Jarama with a broken steering prematurely and finished the championship in fourth place thus. Peter Kox and Alexei Vailiev finished all races of the season in the top four of the GT1 and thus accumulated a total of 28 points. Four more points were Pedro Lamy, Gabriele Gardell and Vincent Vosse show at the end. With a loss in five races, but two class wins the drivers of Aston Martin Racing Larbre ultimately won the championship. Also among the Titelkanidaten Antonio García would have been if he had not changed during the season of Cirtek Motorsport for Team Modena. He was, like his team-mate Peter Hardman, for both teams counted individually.

† - drivers took part with different teams in the championship, the points collected in different teams are not added.


The victory in the GT2 drivers' championship already went after the race in Donington Joël Camathias. Marc Lieb, who was initially ruled out of four hours at the 1000 - km race at Spa for exceeding the maximum driving time, got the points at the end of the season back. The team successfully appealed to the ACO a protest, but remained Tim Bergmeister and Anthony Beltoise in similar cases, the points denied. The title runner-up secured by a fourth place at Jarama the two pilots of Team LNT, Lawrence Tomlinson and Richard Dean.

† - Driver did not receive any points for the championship race because he was not driving at least an hour in the race or exceeded the maximum driving time of four hours.

Team standings


The team ranking was decided the team by Henri Pescarolo for themselves. With the maximum number of possible points Pescarolo Sport defended the title in the LMP1. Along with runners Creation Autosportif both teams received an invitation to the 24- hour race at Le Mans in 2007. Chamberlain -Synergy Motorsport missed the second rank just barely. Although, like Creation, could realize 20 Championship points, the worse result is decided at the 1000 km race at Nurburgring against the team of Hughes Chamberlain.


Before the last race in Jarama four teams had the opportunity to win the team title in the LMP2. With the failure of Binnie Motorsports and RML, the number of candidates was reduced to the two French teams of Pierre Bruneau and Michel Lecompte. Bruneu needed a victory, but was in the running for more than 15 rounds fallen behind the leading LMP2. Thus Barazi -Epsilon won with a fourth place finish the team title and the automatic invitation to the 24- hour race at Le Mans. Despite the failure in Jarama RML finished the season as runner-up and received the second invitation to be allocated for the race at Le Mans in 2007.


In GT1 the team title was not decided until the last race of the season. Luc Alphand Aventures, Convers MenX, Aston Martin Racing Team ORECA Larbre and had still mathematically possible to a total victory. Although ORECA won the race in Jarama, had the championship all the other title contenders must fail. Since both the Russian- Czech team from Yvo Horn, and the Aston Martin works team counted, much the choice between these two candidates. At the end of Aston Martin Racing Larbre finished the race in second place and secured himself with the better result the championship title in the GT1. Both the master, as well as the runner- Convers MenX each received an invitation to the 24- hour race at Le Mans in 2007.


As in the championship of the GT2, the decision in favor of the author Lando sports teams had already fallen prematurely. However, the runner-up and the consequent invitation to the 24- hour race at Le Mans was much scarcer. A total of seven vehicles were able to give hope to the invitation after the race at Donington. Due to the disqualification of the original class winner GPC Sport and the associated fourth place of the Panoz Esperante GT -LM with the start number 82, eventually Team LNT secured a start authorization for Le Mans 2007.


A live webcast of all five rounds of the season at full length was carried out by the television channel Motors TV. Was commented the broadcast by Mark Cole and Carlton Kirby.