2007–08 Serie A (ice hockey) season

The season 2007/ 08 the Italian Hockey Championship Series A1 was discharged with a total of nine teams. Defending champion was the SG Cortina, however did not make it this season in the playoffs. New champion of HC Bolzano.

  • 4.1 Placement Round
  • 4.2 Qualifying Round
  • 5.1 quarterfinals
  • 5.2 Semi-finals
  • 5.3 final

Participating teams

The field remained unchanged compared to the previous season. The following teams competed for the championship:

  • SG Cortina ( defending champion )
  • Ritten Sport
  • HC Bolzano
  • SHC Fassa
  • HC Val Pusteria
  • AS Asiago Hockey
  • HC Alleghe
  • HC Milano Vipers
  • SG Pontebba


The nine teams initially wore a double round-trip round against each other, making a total of 32 games per team revealed. Then the participants were divided into two groups again playing off an internal simple round-trip round to the final placements. Prior to the credits of the passage were halved, the count was, however, continued in the intermediate rounds. This was followed by playoffs with quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, each of which was played in best of five mode.

Regular season

The regular season was similar to last year in many respects. However, the reigning champions SG Cortina was unable to repeat last year's success and ended up running a distant second to the eighth rank. The HC Bolzano, who had won the year before the regular season, missed this target significantly this year. The SV Ritten presented with twenty wins from 32 games, the measure of all things and represents the standings to secure unchallenged. The SHC Fassa secured after a disappointing pre-season this time second in the table. Only at the last place there was no change. Asiago again formed the bottom side.

Table after the regular season

Second round

Placement Round

In the placement round of SV Ritten claimed his first rank, although the Milano Vipers were able to make with four wins and two draws a lot of ground and approaching to within two points of the Rittener. Fassa lost five of six games and got best result a draw against the Milano Vipers out. Bolzano had are budget balanced with three wins and three defeats to book at the end and kept the third.

Qualifying round

The second round took a little longer, as five teams played the remaining four playoff spots and was a team play in each round. Here, however, the SG Cortina took off his weaknesses and finished equal on points with the HC Alleghe fifth, after the team had five of the eight games and won only one lost. Similar successes Pontebba presented with only three defeats and also five wins. However, Asiago continued the Unserie from the regular season. Without victory and with only two draws, the season was ended prematurely for the team.



In the quarter final, translated as expected by the favorite from the top half of the table. While Cortina but was unable to repeat the good performances of the second round, and Fassa won the series without defeat for mainly the Milano Vipers with the SG Pontebba, had great difficulty and at times were in the series even with 1:2 back. The HC Val Pusteria and the HC Alleghe goodbye with one victory of the season.


In the semifinals of the SHC Fassa met leaders Ritten Sport. The outstanding quarter-finals continued in the first semi-final, only to win the game in the shootout as Ritten. In the second match Fassa dominated front of their own will and swept the Rittener 8:2 with the ice. As well as the third game was won in Renon, it initially looked after an unexpected final pairing, but Ritten was back to winning ways, first brought back the home advantage and eventually won on their own ice sovereign 3-0 the deciding game and thus the series.

The Milano Vipers lost their semifinal series against the HC Bolzano but very significantly after the first game still 5-0 a rather one-sided series had to expect. However, Bolzano was always more into the game, was like first of all on its own ice and defeated the Milan finally in the third game just after extra time. The match Puck recycled Bolzano then at the first attempt and secured the finals.


The final was for Bolzano mirror image of the semifinal series. After Ritten had clinched a commanding victory in the first game, came initially with a 4-3 in the second game of the compensation in the series. With a tight away win, the Bolzano brought home advantage and recovered the match puck again on the first try on their own ice. So they celebrated the 17th overall league title and thus overtaking the SG Cortina, who until then had been able to celebrate sixteen championships.


The statistics cover the entire season off with regular season and playoffs.

Squad of the Italian master

Goalkeepers: Adam Russo, Phil Groeneveld

Defender: Christian Borgatello, Neil Petruic, Chris Hajt, Leo Insam, Florian Ramoser, Santa Heinrich

Attacker: Árpád Mihály, Luca Ansoldi, Kenny Corupe, Jonathan Pittis, Christian Walcher, Roland Ramoser, Ryan Jardine, Massimo Ansoldi, BJ Abel, Stefan Zisser, Flavio Faggioni, Michael Stocker

Training team: