2007 FIBA Americas Championship

The Basketball America Cup 2007 ( officially: FIBA Americas Championship 2007 ) was the 13th edition of this tournament and was held from August 22 to September 2, 2007 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). In the tournament, it was at the same time to qualify for the Olympic Games 2008. Both finalists qualified directly for the games, the teams take to the squares 3-5 in a qualifying tournament in July 2008 in part.

A total of 10 teams took part in the America Cup 2007.

  • 4.1 3rd place match
  • 4.2 final

Preliminary round

The following groups were drawn in Las Vegas on Mar 21, 2007:

  • Argentina Argentina
  • Mexico Mexico
  • Panama Panama
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Uruguay Uruguay
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Canada Canada
  • United States [ [ National Basketball Team of the United States ( men ) | United States ] ]
  • Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Venezuela Venezuela

In the first round each five teams played in two groups against each other. The winner of the match was awarded two points, the loser one point.

The four top finishers of the two groups qualified for the quarter-final round, the results of the first round were then mithineingenommen there.

Group A

Group B

Quarter Final Round

All eight teams played together in a group. However, the team only played against four teams each of the other preliminary round group.

The top four of the quarter- finals qualify for the semifinals.


Medal Games

3rd Place Match



Thus, the [ [ National Basketball Team of the United States ( men ) | USA] ] qualified and Argentina directly for the 2008 Olympic Games Puerto Rico, Brazil and Canada could still secure participation in the qualifying tournament in July 2008..

For MVP of the tournament Luis Scola was chosen. The Argentine was able to achieve an average of 19.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.0 assists in ten games. He had a hit rate of 55.7 percent from the field and scored 72.1 percent of its Freiwrfe.