2007 UEFA Intertoto Cup

For the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2007 were 50 nations in each of the competition send a team. In three rounds was played eleven places in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup in 2007 /08.

The associations Liechtenstein, Andorra and San Marino have a regular place in the Intertoto Cup. Andorra lost his starting place from 2006 to the new, 53 Association of Montenegro, as the UEFA continue to tolerate only 50 participants in the Intertoto Cup. After Scotland and Norway have waived their participation, the two free places by UEFA have been reassigned. According to the statutes an association may carry a maximum of a second party into the field in such a case. Thus Andorra received a starting place, and Romania could muster a second party.

The associations that occupy the top places in the UEFA five year ranking went up, until later in the competition. The ranking positions one to eight play only the final third round, which the courts nine to 22, the second and third rounds. By eliminating vacant places are filled by rank list so that additional starter basically play in the first round (2006 has departed from this rule, as Italy very shortly voluntarily its UI Cup withdrew participation due to the local league scandal, and the Incoming AJ Auxerre ( FRA ) had to play as well as Olympique Marseille ( FRA ), only the third UI - Cup Round ).

To keep the travel costs for the clubs low, all the teams were based on geographical and logistical reasons, divided into three groups: Northern Europe, Central Europe and Southern Europe. To compensate for the odd number of participants in the groups were considered for the competition, 2007 the following changes: Luxembourg (from Round 1 ) and Greece ( from Round 3 ) were among Central Europe and Poland ( from Round 2) to Northern Europe.

First round

The first UI Cup round took place on 23-24. June ( first leg ) and on 30 June / 1 July ( return legs ) instead.

Second Round

The second UI Cup round held on 7 / 8 July ( first leg ) and 14 Juli/15. July ( return legs ) instead.

Third Round

The third round of the Intertoto Cup took place on 21-22. July ( first leg ) and 28 Juli/29. July ( return legs ) instead. The 11 teams that emerged victorious from the round, took part in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup in 2007 /08.

Because of Hamburger SV has come from the winning teams in the third round of the UEFA Cup 2007/ 08 the most ( second round ), he was declared the winner of the UEFA Intertoto Cup 2007.