2007 WNBA All-Star Game


Western Conference

Head Coach: John Whisenant, Sacramento Monarchs

Eastern Conference

Head coach Mike Thibault, Connecticut Sun

Three- Point Shootout

In the Three- Point Shootout, the best five -throwers of the League competed against each other. Each player has five times five balls available that are distributed on five different locations around the 3- point line around. The most recent ball a 5 series is the so -called Moneyball, which, when transformed, is worth two points. All other balls are transformed a point. The time to approach the 25 balls only once to throw out is 60 seconds. The Siegerist is that Cancels or ignores the most points after an elimination round in the final.

This competition dominated Laurie Koehn, who won both the elimination round with 23 points and the final with 25 points clear of its own.

Skills Challenge

At the Skills Challenge occurred at four players in the league. This competition consists of several tasks, such as free throws, lay-up, passing, dribbling, etc. The player who completed all tasks fastest wins this competition. Becky Hammon of the San Antonio Silver Stars could scarce prevail by the Minnesota Lynx with three tenths in the final against Seimone Augustus.

All-Star Game

The Eastern Conference could repeat their success from last year and won the eighth All-Star Game with 103:99. The game was balanced over long distances, while the West and the East was able to sell short again and again in the first half, but neither team managed to maintain its lead and expand. A slight preliminary decision fell into the team with eleven points came from the East in the lead in the third quarter. While the West took in the last quarter clearly on, but they could not prevent their second All- Star Game defeat.

Cheryl Ford received after the game the award for Most Valuable Player of the All-Star Game, which they had won by 16 points and 13 rebounds.

  • # 55 Brewton
  • # 9 Brooks - Clauser
  • # 7 Stevens